How to craft product launch announcements like you’re Richard Branson

When you’ve got a big product launch, you want your customers and prospects to pay attention. Prepare yourself with this checklist.

Graphics for all content

Graphics are a crucial part of any product launch
Graphics are a crucial part of any product launch

You’ve got the words ready, now you need the images!

You’ll need different images for:

  • Press release (this is most often your logo or company wordmark)
  • Social media (3-5 potential images so you can re-share the same content with a different image over time)
  • Email (typically a micro-infographic that has a headline or a key benefit)
  • Employee advocacy (images that employees can share on their social networks)

If you’re a really small shop and don’t have in-house design, you can get free resources from Canva. Alternatively, if you’re looking for high-res images to use throughout your content, you can get royalty-free images (that allow commercial use!) on Burst by Shopify and Unsplash.  


Images courtesy Unsplash

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