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11 practical ways to set up Instagram for success

Promises of "one trick to get 10k followers!" and the like are just that... tricks. Don't fall for them. Instead, use practical tips to set up your Instagram for success. It doesn't need to be difficult, either. Read on to see the things you can do right now to improve your Instagram

High engagement on Instagram comes from balancing formula with humanity

Hopefully, this guide will help you supercharge your Instagram engagement no matter your following. Growth and engagement on Instagram is a great way to build a brand, get more sales, and connect with your community. The best part is anyone with a smartphone can learn how to do it.

Remember, though, growth is not instant. It requires work. Tools make it easier, but you still have a responsibility to engage (if you want success, that is).


I’ll finish off by saying sometimes, you get a post that doesn’t do well. You put lots of work into it and it flops. You barely get any engagement. It’s happened to me before and continues to happen to this day. As I’m writing this, I’m looking at one post I thought would do really well that got 3x less engagement than some of my other ones.

When this happens to you, and I promise you it will, laugh it off.

Growing a brand anywhere, and especially on a platform like Instagram, is not about getting a winner every time. It’s about building a system that produces winners with increasing frequency. If you’re improving and learning with every post, then success is inevitable with hard work and time. You got this.


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