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11 practical ways to set up Instagram for success

Promises of "one trick to get 10k followers!" and the like are just that... tricks. Don't fall for them. Instead, use practical tips to set up your Instagram for success. It doesn't need to be difficult, either. Read on to see the things you can do right now to improve your Instagram

I want more sales from Instagram. What do I have to do?

Every piece of advice I’m sharing in this article is a tool I have personally used (except one, which I note below) to build my Instagram following and engagement.

Have a personality

My Instagram bio is “Gratuitous selfies and other pics of my life”. To some, that is devoid of personality. To those people, I say… ouch, that hurts.

my instagram bio
My Instagram bio

In all seriousness, the other way you could say “personality” is “theme”.

Whatever you do, sell, or talk about, pick a consistent theme for your Instagram. This doesn’t necessarily mean only doing one thing. As an example, fitness influencer Chad Hargrove chose a theme that not many fitness people do – he kept his shirt on. Instead, Chad uses a mix of:

  • Educational infographics (made on Canva for free)
  • Videos of him doing workouts to show his clients technique
  • Screen grabbing his tweets for text post education
  • The occasional selfie or other type of post

This mix brought Chad from 900 followers to over 100,000 in a year and a half. Further, Chad drives 100% of his business revenue from Instagram. He doesn’t get paid to post – his posts pay him through client acquisition.

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