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11 practical ways to set up Instagram for success

Promises of "one trick to get 10k followers!" and the like are just that... tricks. Don't fall for them. Instead, use practical tips to set up your Instagram for success. It doesn't need to be difficult, either. Read on to see the things you can do right now to improve your Instagram

Post consistently, however frequently that may be

Some guides will tell you to post multiple times per day, which many influencers do. Kylie Jenner, for example, posts between 1-3 times a day. But, as I mentioned earlier, I got solid engagement posting only 1-2 times per week.


Frequency of posting depends on what kinds of posts you plan out. Try these benchmarks to get you started:

  • Selfies and other non-educational posts – 2-3 times a week
  • In-depth storytelling (which can include selfies/team pictures with good reason) – 4-7 times a week
  • In-depth educational posts like infographics or product images – 1-2 times a day

As you test posting frequency, make small adjustments until you find the frequency that works for your audience and gives you the balance between highest engagement for the lowest number of posts. After all, each post takes time, effort, and thought. Even if it’s only about 10 minutes per post, adding an extra post a day will cost you 60 hours a year (a full work week spent on unnecessary Instagram posts!).

Once you have a frequency that works, keep consistent. If you see a drop in engagement and want to adjust, move slowly to your new frequency and maintain consistency once there.

Consistent posting will boost your Instagram
Consistent posting will boost your Instagram

Consistency helps with:

  • Follower engagement since followers will know when to expect things
  • Follower growth if you post at the right times (see “business account” below!)
  • Post visibility when Instagram anticipates you’re making consistent contributions to the social network

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