What is intrapreneurship? Here’s the answer based on explanations from 5 entrepreneurs, academics, and investors

What is intrapreneurship? It’s not just a question of intrapreneur vs entrepreneur. Here's how billionaires, entrepreneurs, and investors talk about it

Most people confuse the word ‘intrapreneur’ with ‘entrepreneur’ because they sound alike and have similar meanings. However, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs are two very different kinds of people. So what is intrapreneurship? It’s not just a question of intrapreneur vs entrepreneur – or looking for a classic ‘intrapreneur example’. It’s a wide range of personality traits that a person exhibits at work.

The other thing making the question “what is intrapreneurship” so vague is that many business owners, academics, and investors refer to intrapreneurship by different words. Here’s how a few people talk about it.

Billionaire Richard Branson talks about cultivating creativity in employees

The world knows Richard Branson for making a splash in the business world. But when it comes to employees, the billionaire business owner says that happiness is key.

What is intrapreneurship to Richard Branson? Creativity
Source: Ashoka

Citing a University of Warwick study showing happy employees are 12 more productive, Branson published an op-ed in Canadian Business magazine about why he prioritizes happiness at Virgin. Getting to happiness – and the creativity that goes along with it – means Branson and Virgin Group offer as much flexibility to employees as possible.

This flexibility, coupled with creating space to be creative at work, leads to intrapreneurship within Virgin’s many business lines. The results have been spectacular for the company, including Virgin winning many international business awards.

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