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Intrapreneurship: How to cultivate it in your company so you can take big bets and win

Intrapreneurship is more than just hiring ‘entrepreneurial people’ - make sure you set the right foundation for success in your company

A lot of people think that to get “intrapreneurship” all you have to do is hire someone who has started a company before. This assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In reality, intrapreneurship is something that must be cultivated. Anyone, in theory, can become an intrapreneur when they take on additional projects at work or uniquely solve problems. In order to get there, though, certain conditions must be met.

To put the necessary environment for intrapreneurship into an easy metaphor: you can’t build a house without a foundation. If you do, the walls are more likely to cave in and the roof won’t be steady. Intrapreneurship is building the house – you need to have a foundation set first.

Those who are successful at creating the right environment for intrapreneurship will win, and win big. Intrapreneurship and its associated project management skills are frequently noted in research on the future of work, indicating companies that cultivate intrapreneurship have the strongest chance of thriving in the ever-changing workplace.

Transparency is the holy grail of intrapreneurship

When someone owns a business, they have all the available information. Employees, on the other hand, typically don’t. They are not shown sensitive corporate materials or, in some cases, given any information outside of their role or department.

To cultivate intrapreneurship, managers and executives must treat transparency as the holy grail.

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