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The three things this founder looks for when hiring intrapreneurial employees

When Margot Schmorak joined Hostfully as a co-founder, she knew she’d have to build a team to execute on the company’s big visions. But when the going gets tough, as it often does in business, the people who succeed are the ones that take ownership, bring creativity to the table, and know how to solve problems. In short, Schmorak needed intrapreneurial employees.

Through her experience hiring in her previous role and her growth with Hostfully, Schmorak developed a framework to find intrapreneurial employees and cultivate intrapreneurship. While the framework is in-depth and focuses on understanding a person’s intelligence, not once has Schmorak ever asked where the person went to school.

The intrapreneurial interviewing checklist

When Schmorak walks into an interview, she’s trying to learn three things about the person to see if they are a good fit: 

  1. Their communication skills
  2. Their speed of work
  3. How good they are at problem solving

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