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Ranking the 5 social benefits of intrapreneurship that improve your quality of life – and money can’t buy them for you

In the intrapreneur vs entrepreneur debate, looking at money is not comprehensive. It’s true that the potential upside of entrepreneurship typically outweighs the upside of intrapreneurship, though there are still many financial benefits to intrapreneurship, like your salary. And while the financial upside of intrapreneurship is limited, you take on far less risk and gain access to multiple social benefits of intrapreneurship that make your life way better – that money can’t buy. 

5 – Intrapreneurs typically have better work-life balance

social benefits of intrapreneurship Intrapreneurs typically have better work-life balance

One of the benefits of working for an established company is that rarely will your project be the difference between making payroll and going bankrupt. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, have this fear regularly. 

While you still want to move quickly and show success, intrapreneurs still get more work-life balance. This is especially true if you work at a company that values employee happiness and balance, something research tied to productivity at work

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