How to deal with workplace bullies

To put it bluntly, workplace bullies suck. They make work less fun, hinder your ability to get things done, and overall take all the energy out of an otherwise good workplace. If you’re dealing with a workplace bully, though, you’re not alone. A University of Windsor study found that 40% of workers experience workplace bullying on a semi-regular basis. That’s millions of people across North America getting bullied by coworkers. 

But the other thing to remember is that you can do something about workplace bullying that isn’t running away and quitting your job. Check out all the ways to handle workplace bullying without quitting your job.

Take the high road

take the high road to deal with workplace bullies

The first thing you can do, which you probably already tried, is to ignore it. Take the high road. You’re at work to do your job, not manage workplace bullies. Taking the high road can be effective for two reasons. One is that most bullies pick on people to get attention. If you’re not giving them attention because you’re ignoring it, there’s a chance they will stop. Ignoring can also be effective because it doesn’t waste your brain power. You have better things to do. 

If you’re opting to go the high road, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in silence. Confide in a close work friend or colleague that can offer you some support and encouragement. Ignoring workplace bullies does not mean you have to be alone. All it means is that you keep your chin up, focus on your work, and build a support system around you to help with ignoring the person. Just be sure this doesn’t fall into gossiping – more on why that’s a bad idea later in this article.

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