The Most Disgusting Jobs Of All Time

Any job where you’re making money is worth it, right? Well, after reading about some of these disgusting jobs you may disagree. History is full of jobs that were downright gross. Even in modern times we have a few jobs that would make even people with strong stomachs want to hurl. And what happens when you hurl? Well, there’s a job for that too. 

If you’ve got a strong stomach and aren’t grossed out easily, keep reading for the most disgusting jobs of all time.

Maggot farmer

Maggots are possibly the grossest creatures on earth. They feature frequently in gory horror movies or murder mysteries – a body that’s been dead for a while is filled with maggots living off the decomposing corpse.

But maggots are also great lures for fishing. They are bright white-ish and squirm, making them attractive to fish. Maggot farmers are the ones that raise maggots in order to sell to fisheries and for other agricultural reasons.

When was the job most popular?

In modern times, particularly in advanced agricultural and fishing economies.

Is it still a job today?

Yes – for a variety of uses beyond just fishing.

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