29 Non-Technical Jobs in High Demand for the Future

With all the talk about tech, it seems like the only jobs in the future will be coders. Thankfully, that’s not the case. Now that the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its occupational projections and worker characteristics research for the 10 year period of 2018-2028, it’s easy to see that some of the jobs with the highest growth are non-technical. Some don’t even require a college degree to start making good money. 

So whether you’re a high school grad, college grad, or have an advanced degree, there are non-technical jobs that will be in high demand for the future – we’ve rounded up the top 29 in this article for you to see, learn about, and check the salaries on. 

Plumber and Pipefitter

Plumber and Pipefitter

Projected 10-year job growth: 75,000 jobs added

Typical salary range: $45,000 – $60,000+

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

What does a plumber and pipefitter do on the job?

Plumbers help make sure your toilets flush, your sink works, and your bathtub doesn’t overflow, but it’s more than that. A good plumber can also advise on how buildings should be built from a piping perspective to reduce energy costs, increase efficiency, and increase convenience.

Minimum education usually required to get a job in this field: High school diploma or equivalent.

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