Ranking the 5 social benefits of intrapreneurship that improve your quality of life – and money can’t buy them for you

4 – Intrapreneurs gain easier access to mentors

social benefits of intrapreneurship  Intrapreneurs gain easier access to mentors

When you’re a startup founder, you’re likely to be the most knowledgeable person in your area of expertise (a fact serial entrepreneur Lauren Haw learned early on). When you work for a company – even a fairly small one – that’s likely not the case. 

Intrapreneurs at bigger companies, on the other hand, gain much easier access to mentorship – something 75% of executives say helped their careers progress faster – through both formal and informal connections with coworkers and managers. Simply having a manager, in many ways, is like having a mentor for your work. If you’re a creative person but need help honing your creativity (and project management skills), don’t discount how relatively easy it is for intrapreneurs to find mentors.

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