Where CEOs of Big Companies Went to College

They say you shouldn’t take advice from people you don’t want to be. Does going to the same universities count as advice? If your chosen career path is “CEO,” then you may want to check out where other CEOs studied – and what degrees they have. 

When it comes to the biggest companies in the world, CEOs in this generation came down a couple common paths. They either studied engineering then found their way into business or studied business and worked their way up. But no matter what, these leaders sit at the heads of organizations making billions per year and employing hundreds of thousands of people. 

Want to know what kind of education it takes to lead an organization worth billions? We’ve rounded up where the CEOs of global companies went to school – and what they studied. 

Frederick W. Smith, CEO of FedEx

fred smith fedex
Cropped. Image source: Defense.gov

School(s) attended: Yale University

Graduation year: 1966

Degree: BA in Economics

When did Frederick W. Smith become CEO of FedEx: 1998

What does FedEx do?

FedEx is a shipping company, famously founded from an idea in a college paper at Yale that got a C+.

# of employees they have: 359,000

Company annual revenue: $65.45 billion

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