Why leaders should encourage their team to take vacation

If you think business progress is negatively impacted when people take time off, think again. Data shows that more time off does not translate into lower productivity. In fact, nine of the top 10 most productive countries, measured by GDP per hour worked, are located in countries where employees have – and use – generous amounts of vacation time.

It can feel like there’s never enough time to take time off. Not only does it feel like productivity is “lost” while an employee is gone, but their work has to be offloaded to someone else for the short term.

take a vacation!

But the reality is that by sacrificing vacation days you risk longer-term mental health and happiness in employees. The end result is an increased likelihood of both burnout and turnover. And that’s a much more significant drain on small business resources than encouraging a top performer to take a couple weeks’ vacation each year to recharge.

So how can you fix this, to ensure that you’re minimizing the risk of both burnout and turnover, and maximizing an appropriate use of vacation time per employee?

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