The Worst Bad Boss Stories of All Time

No matter the season or time of year, a bad boss can strike. Studies show that bosses are one of the top reasons people leave jobs. After all, you don’t get the saying ‘people don’t leave companies, they leave bosses’ from nothing. 

While most people deal with their crappy bosses and just try to get on with life, the pressure can cause some to take to the internet. From harassment to literally stopping you from doing your job, we’ve rounded up the worst bad boss stories ever. 

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Testing, testing…

Testing, testing...

Horrible manager consistently tried to do stuff to “test” me. 

The worst was when she hired a guy that had no background in IT and tagged me with training him. She would threaten me with write-ups when he would mess up because I did not train him properly. 

I finally had enough and stood up to her when she tried to write me up by saying, “Fine! Let’s go to HR right now and I can let them know what a wonderful manager you are!” 

She backed down after that, then was assigned back to her old position. Apparently, saying some racist stuff to some employees did not go over well.

| Fanabala3

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