The Worst Bad Boss Stories of All Time

No matter the season or time of year, a bad boss can strike. Studies show that bosses are one of the top reasons people leave jobs. After all, you don’t get the saying ‘people don’t leave companies, they leave bosses’ from nothing. 

While most people deal with their crappy bosses and just try to get on with life, the pressure can cause some to take to the internet. From harassment to literally stopping you from doing your job, we’ve rounded up the worst bad boss stories ever. 

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Kicked out with no notice

bad boss: kicked out with no notice

Some jobs come with company housing, which is a huge blessing. But when it gets ripped out from under you with no notice, it’s a huge problem. You can end up scrambling to make ends meet. Clearly, this boss didn’t know when to follow the book and when to be a human…

Was fired and kicked out of company-owned housing while I had a child on the way. 

They hired someone and gave them my apartment before I even left. They didn’t even notify me. My family was now homeless and I was jobless.

My crime: being too young and they didn’t like me.

| Kizmojr

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