PulseBlueprint Guidelines for Finding Great Images

Imagery can make a huge difference! The right visuals can help you tell your story better and encourage sharing across social media. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find an image, so here’s a handy guide of sources (and some best practices) below.

Where can I find great images?

We encourage contributors to be creative when picking images. But don’t get suck in a search rabbit hole. Start with these (mostly) free resources.

How many images per article?

As a rule of thumb, aim for one image per 500 words. However, this isn’t a requirement – if you only want to use one image for a post over 500 words, that’s totally fine.

Which image is the most important?

Your feature image – it should catch someone’s eye. This is the image that will be used in sharing your piece across social media.

Do you have permission to use the image? Make sure you do!

It’s critical that you have permission to use the images you publish in your articles. Always check the licenses (don’t just take things from Google Images). If you aren’t sure, don’t use the image. Instead, try any of the images from the resources we shared above.

What if I find a photo that I want to use on Instagram? (Or any social platform, for that matter.)

You have two options:

1. You can copy the embed link from the post and paste it into the article.

2. You can reach out to the person who operates the account and request permission. Once you have permission, you can include the photo in your article (without the embed but with a proper source!) and publish.