Why this entrepreneur let go of his sales team – even though they hit targets

From students to professionals and building a sales team

the sales team was on board with company transparency

Once app development started, Walters needed to find buyers. He figured students would love low prices, so he went to campuses.

“We invested in a tent at some frosh events and handed out coupons for $5 off their first order in exchange for emails,” he said. “We build a list of around 800 students over the course of a week.”

Despite email reminders to students after the app launch, the initiative was a dud: students may have liked cheap food but they didn’t eat out often enough to make a marketplace app like Feedback work.

So the company pivoted to professionals who were socially conscious but had more disposable income. This move put them in direct competition with big players in the Toronto food delivery and pickup scene like Ritual, Skip the Dishes, Foodora, and Uber Eats, but the app continued to grow.

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