How to Stay Motivated and Productive When Working From Home

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Being able to run your small business from the comfort of your own home does have many advantages. Not having to commute back and forth from an office, presumably more time with family and for personal endeavours and just an overall feeling of being more in control, are all sound reasons for wanting to work from home. 

But there’s still work to be done. If you’re trying to find ways to make money online or are thinking of starting your own business, working from home doesn’t mean working any less. The familiarity can work against you, making it hard to focus on your daily tasks. You need to set the right boundaries and have a strategy for ensuring you’re productive and engaged in completing your duties at a high level. 

6 strategies to help you work from home like a pro 

1. Keep a regular schedule 

You’ve likely heard this before, but everything else you do in some way relates to keeping a schedule. Because you’re at home, you do have the benefit of choosing a schedule that fits your life. For example, if you know that there’s going to be a lot of noise around breakfast time or even if that’s just a time you want to spend with your family, schedule a break for whenever everyone wakes up. The goal is to get into a consistent routine so you can know what to expect out of your day. You can always deviate, but know that you’ll be interrupting your pattern, which can negatively impact your productivity. 

2. Know when you are most creative 

This is similar to setting a schedule, but not the same. Everyone has a time of the day when we feel most creative. Some people prefer waking up at 5:00 a.m., while others feel most energized after midnight. The benefit of working from home is that you don’t need to artificially trigger your creativity from 9-5. If you feel most inspired at night, then make sure you set aside that time to get the most creative parts of your job completed. You can use the other parts of your day for more administrative and managerial tasks. 

3. Don’t get stuck in a bubble 

Working from home doesn’t mean working alone. When you’re in an office, sometimes casual conversations can be the best part of your day. If you’re someone who gets energy from being around other people, then there’s nothing wrong with being deliberate about reaching out to coworkers or clients to discuss something other than your work. If you’re someone who gets anxious being around people or making small talk, make time in your schedule to disconnect completely. That can mean going for a walk, reading a book or magazine or doing an in-home workout. 

4. Give yourself daily goals 

Staying productive can be difficult without someone looking over your shoulder or constantly pushing you to get something done. To combat this, give yourself daily goals. These goals are milestones that you must get done before you end your day. Make them specific and designate a time to complete each one. So if you have three goals set for today, tell yourself that goal one needs to be completed before your first break, goal two by lunchtime and your final goal before your day is over. 

5. Set clear boundaries with family or roommates  

If you’re not the only one living in your home, this can present some obstacles. Your schedule may not fit with everyone else, and there can be some inconsistencies around when you actually have free time. You’ll have to be proactive here, but it’s important to let whoever is living with you know your schedule. Maybe it’s a sign on your door to let them know not to disturb you. Maybe it’s as simple as putting some headphones on as a sign that you’re busy. Whatever the tactic, be clear and be forceful in upholding it. 

6. Take the time to designate your workspace 

In line with the last point, it’s crucial that you find a designated workspace. This helps reinforce the routine that’s so critical to staying productive and engaged with your work while at home. If you’re able to separate yourself by forming an office, that would be most ideal. However, if all you have is a couch and a coffee table, sit on the same side of the couch, put your coffee on the same side of the table and get to work. 

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