Tips for Designing a Creative Product Label

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Product labels are a necessity for the success of your product. While they won’t be the only way you’ll need to market your product, they can communicate a lot to the consumer, which can entice them to try and trust your product. Consider the combination of unique graphic uses and quality information that has made some of the most effective product labels on the market. Learn some tips for designing a creative product label by reading below.

Keep it simple and practical

Getting creative means thinking outside the box. However, you don’t want to lose sight of the label’s clarity since it needs to clearly communicate information to the consumer. It’s great to be original, but you also need to make sure you’re sticking to all the regulations put in place by the FDA. There is also the risk of overdoing things. While being creative, you need to remember to be practical with the design. The label needs to be clean, so the information remains clear. It’s best to remember the idea that less is more.

Use a unique illustration

Of the tips for designing a creative product label, this is one of the most helpful. While it’s important to communicate with your target audience through the text, you can convey many ideas through a unique image. You also want to think about the colors that go with the product and its imagery. It’s important to also recognize how to use color in your product labels. For instance, a type of fruit juice and a soda are going to have significantly different color combinations from one another. Also, your label’s graphics should include the essence of what the product is. If you’re selling an apple juice, you’re best to include an apple somehow in the graphic.

Use a smart combination of fonts

It’s a given that your product label will need specific text to communicate important information about the product to the target consumer. One of the best ways you can combine creativity and quality communication is to choose the right combination of texts, so the consumer’s eye can find all the important information easily. For instance, you might use bold texts for headers and then try something smaller for the information beneath. Try testing out different font pairings to see how they work together. A good example is using ornate script-style fonts next to a bold, modern sans serif-styled text.

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