30 Ways To Find A New Job

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A study reported in the Washington Post found that 71 percent of people are looking for a new job, either actively or passively. There are a lot of reasons why this is happening, such as being unhappy at work or not liking your boss. But once you’ve decided to look for a new job you need to make sure you’re searching everywhere you can. 

Thankfully, there are tons of places to look for a new job. From personal connections to starting from scratch, here are 30 ways you can find a new job. 

Alumni groups

Alumni groups help you connect with people

Looking to alumni groups to help with your job search is helpful because alumni from your university or college likely went to a variety of different companies and cities. Especially if you went to a big school, chances are that someone you went to school with is working at the company you want to work for. That means more opportunities for connections and conversations. Bonus: Many alum publish their emails and phone numbers in the alumni directory.

Why alumni groups may be helpful:

When you both went to the same school, there’s a greater connection than if you were two random people. Plus, you don’t have to be in the same city – an alum may know someone in your city or can send an email to make an introduction.


Angellist is helps you find a new job with startups
Image source: AngelList

Looking to AngelList to help with your job search is a great way to connect with startups around the world. AngelList is like a job board, but focused on helping small companies recruit and source candidates. The platform lets you fill out a digital resume, so there’s no uploading. You can create a profile just like on LinkedIn.

Why AngelList may be helpful:

Because many small startups don’t use traditional job boards, AngelList may have opportunities you can’t find anywhere else. It can also give you exposure to the many types of companies in the world, so you may learn about new organizations you’d never heard of.

At your current company

You may be able to find a new job without leaving your company

Looking at your current company to help with your job search is a “stealth” way to find a job, since you won’t actually end up leaving your company. Some companies post jobs internally via email, but you can also look at your company’s publicly posted jobs. You may also learn about job opportunities before the general public, letting you apply before they accept anyone else.

Why your current company may be helpful:

When you look at opportunities within your own company, you may have a better chance of getting the interview. A lot of companies want to support their own people first, so this may give you an advantage. HR may even help you prepare your application, if you ask, which could increase your chances of internal promotion.


Blogs are a great way to learn more about companies

Looking to blogs to help with your job search is a great way to learn about a company’s offerings or hear personal perspectives on working there. Depending on the blogger, they may write reviews, in-depth pieces, or interviews with executives. In any case, you get the opportunity to learn more and see if they are hiring.

Why blogs may be helpful:

Blogs can give you unbiased stories and experiences that are more in-depth than review sites like Glassdoor. They may also be able to share interview tips and tricks to help you prepare. On top of that, sometimes you can find opportunities before they are posted.

Church or religious groups

Your church may be a place to help you find a job

Looking to church or other religious groups you’re a part of to help with your job search is a unique way to connect with opportunities. Some churches will have bulletin boards with job opportunities or you may meet someone in your church who is hiring. You may even be able to get mentorship through the job search, since many churches and religious organizations also work to help their members do well in life.

Why church or other religious groups you’re a part of may be helpful:

Sharing a religious background can help people feel more connected, which may increase your chances of getting a referral for an interview. There’s also the camaraderie element to it, where if you do get hired you’ll have someone you can instantly connect with.

Community centers

Community centers often have job boards

Looking to your local community centre, such as a YMCA to help with your job search is a great way to learn about local opportunities for learning and jobs. Community centers, like a YMCA, often don’t have any affiliation to them so anyone can join. Bonus: The community center itself may be hiring as well, since many have growing staff.

Why your local community centre, such as a YMCA may be helpful:

Community centers sometimes have other help available, such as resume bootcamps or interview prep courses, so you can get assistance throughout the whole job search process. With those additional resources, you’ll be more likely to submit a strong application and get an interview.


 Coworkers can help you find a new job

Looking to a coworker to help with your job search is a potentially effective, but also somewhat risky method. If your coworker gets jealous, they may gossip about you at work. On the other hand, your coworker may have a really strong network of people who can help you find a job.

Why a coworker may be helpful:

If your coworker knows people who work in different companies, they may be able to offer you connections that you otherwise would not have gotten. It can help speed up the job search process a lot. They may also be able to share insight about the company, depending on what they’ve been told by their friends.

Donating to charity

Donating to charity gets you invited to events where you can meet people

Looking to potentially donating to charity to help with your job search is a method that isn’t direct – you aren’t buying your job – but instead gives you the opportunity to find jobs. Since donors are often invited to events or kept in the loop with an email list, you can stay on top of new opportunities as they come.

Why potentially donating to charity may be helpful:

Many charities want to help their donors succeed (so they can keep donating), so they will often email job opportunities if any of their corporate partners are hiring. This could be a great way in because corporate partners often want to hire from charities they fund and donate to – it helps them show return on investment and helps you find a job.


Facebook is a social way to find a new job

Looking to Facebook to help with your job search is a very social way to look for a job. Many companies have Facebook pages and they will post jobs there if they are hiring. Since Facebook has over 2 billion users, it’s possible that someone in your Facebook connections may know someone at the company you want to work for.

Why Facebook may be helpful:

Facebook is a social network built up on groups, such as company groups or pages. In some cases, you can even direct message the company using Facebook Messenger, giving you the chance to ask questions if you have any.


Family can help you find a job, but be careful

Looking to family to help with your job search is a simple way to cut through the noise of applications. A lot of the times, application go unread and you never get a call back. If someone in your family works for the company, or knows someone who does, that may help you out.

Why family may be helpful:

While it doesn’t guarantee a job, some companies have internal policies to give interviews to any family or friends of current employees as a courtesy. You still have to show you’re the right person for the job, but this could get you in the door.


Friends may be able to give you the inside scoop on new jobs

Looking to friends to help with your job search is a classic way to go about the job search. Connecting to a company through friends can make the whole process a lot easier for you. Friends can also make introductions to other people, helping you increase your network in general for the long-run.

Why friends may be helpful:

Since many jobs jobs are filled from referrals, having a friend refer you in – or make an introduction to someone who works there – can greatly increase your chances of getting an interview. If your friend works there, they can also give you the details on interview processes, who your boss might be, and what the culture is like at the organization.


Glassdoor helps you find out more about the company before applying
Image source: Glassdoor

Looking to Glassdoor to help with your job search is a good way to check out companies before applying. Glassdoor is a reviews site, so you can see genuine reviews from current and previous employees. Beside the reviews, a company may post jobs if they are hiring. You can check it out at Glassdoor.com

Why Glassdoor may be helpful:

Since Glassdoor is anonymous and companies can’t remove reviews, you get a more authentic view of the company to see if you’d be happy there. In some cases, past employees share what the interview process was like, sharing tips about the positives and negatives so you can be better prepared.


Google is a great place to learn about new opportunities

Looking to Google to help you find a new job is sometimes as easy as a Google search. If you just aren’t sure what kinds of jobs exist in your area (or in a new industry, if you’re thinking of switching), googling can help you identify what jobs and companies are around.

Why Google may be helpful:

Because Google indexes the entire internet, you can search a variety of terms to learn more. It’s not like a job board with a specific number of posts and nothing else – Google can give you a lot more information. You’ll not only learn about the opportunities that are open but may find interviews or other content to help you with your application.

Government programs

Government programs can help you find a new job

Looking to the government to help with your job search is a way that used to be frowned upon, but is now a legitimate source of job opportunities. Whether local or federal, there are often jobs programs in the works to help small businesses get talent (that sometimes has a government subsidy).

Why the government may be helpful:

If you apply for a job through a government site, the company may get a subsidy to help pay your wages. This could lead to either higher pay or a higher chance of getting hired. Many companies that post jobs with government programs are also very actively looking to fill roles, meaning they are motivated – which could increase your chances of an interview.

Hobby groups

Hobby groups introduce you to a wide range of people

Looking to hobby groups to help with your job search is a roundabout way to find a job. It’s not the most direct, since you join a hobby group for the hobby, but you meet tons of people who may know about opportunities for you. Having a hobby can also lead you to find a real passion, making the job search a bit easier since you know what you want.

Why hobby groups may be helpful:

Most companies want to hire people who have hobbies and interests outside of work, since that shows you’re more well rounded. If you connect to a job opportunity through a hobby group, you’re easily showing that you have hobbies outside of work.

Community groups

Identity groups can give you a leg up in the job search

Looking to community groups that you’re a part of to help with your job search is a great way to see what your community is doing. Community could mean your identity group, such as women’s groups, or it could be based on an interest, like a book club or bowling club. But however you want to identify your community, there’s probably a group you can find.

Why community groups that you’re a part of may be helpful:

Community groups draw multiple different kinds of people and will often have corporate sponsors. That means you’ll sometimes get access to more opportunities than people who aren’t in the group. This is especially true for groups that revolve around a hirable skill, for example fundraising for a charity, which directly translates to sales skills.


Indeed is a major global jobs board
Image source: Indeed

Looking to Indeed to help with your job search is an easy way to check through millions of job posts. Indeed is a job board that operates across North America, meaning that you can look in almost any location to find a job. The company is run by CEO Chris Hyams, and the company has over 6,000 employees globally.

Why Indeed may be helpful:

As a global jobs board, it’s likely that Indeed will have at least one job that you can apply for. It’s also a job board aggregator, meaning it pulls in job postings from all over the web. So no matter your experience level, there’s probably a job on Indeed that matches your skillsets.


LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world

Looking to LinkedIn to help with your job search is a great way to grow your network to help you find a job. Since many jobs are filled by referral – sometimes over 50% at some companies – knowing someone who can refer you in will greatly increase your chances of getting an interview. LinkedIn is now owned by Microsoft, but it still operates independently.

Why LinkedIn may be helpful:

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network, with hundreds of millions of users. Unlike job boards where you apply and hope for the best, LinkedIn can help you connect with people in the company you want to work for.


Meetups happen in almost every city in the world

Looking to attending meetups to help with your job search is a helpful way to get a job because you get to connect with people in-person, increasing the chances of them remembering you. Meetups happen all over the world, too, so it’s just a Google search away to find one in your area.

Why attending meetups may be helpful:

When you send emails or digital applications, you’re just a number or email address. But if you meet someone in person, you have the chance to make a lasting impression. You get the chance to put a face to the name and show that you’re more than just your resume. If you can do that, you increase your chances of getting an interview.


Monster helps with job seeker resources
Image source: Monster

Looking to Monster to help with your job search is a solid way to see a lot of job opportunities. The platform has company profiles for the organizations that post jobs to Monster’s job board, so you can learn about the companies while you are looking for jobs. The company is now part of Randstad Holding and is run by CEO Scott Gutz.

Why Monster may be helpful:

The platform offers a free resume assessment if you upload your resume. That could help you tweak it to make you more hireable – or at least get it so recruiters pay more attention to you. It’s a good idea to leverage these features even if you don’t apply to a job on Monster, since they can help you no matter what.

Networking events

Networking events can help you find a new job

Looking to networking to help with your job search is a traditional method of finding a job. Whether you take someone out for coffee or ask for a phone call, networking gives you the chance to meet people and ask for assistance in your job search.

Why networking may be helpful:

When you build your network, you increase the chances of someone coming across an opportunity and thinking of you. The more people you know, the better, when it comes to the job search. Plus, you never know what your network might bring you. When people think of you and bring you up, it could lead to amazing opportunities you never thought possible.

Recreational sports teams

Joining a sports league can eventually help you find a new job

Looking to a sports team to help with your job search is a good way to find a job, but also to make friends. Sports leagues usually have people from all walks of life – from janitors to CEOs – meaning you get exposure to a wide group of people with similar interests.

Why a sports team may be helpful:

A lot at work is similar to sports: playing on a team, going for the win, and taking chances. If you’re getting recommended by someone from a sports league, the company may already know you have those desirable traits. That will help you stand out in the process.

Remote job boards

Remote job boards help you find great work without leaving home

Looking to remote job boards to help with your job search is a great way to look for opportunities that don’t require you to move. Remote work is becoming more popular, so there are all kinds of roles available where you work from home on your computer.

Why remote job boards may be helpful:

As the world gets more connected, some cities may lose out on jobs if companies move away. Remote work makes it so you don’t have to move but you can still do strategic, high level jobs that don’t exist in your town.

Staffing firms

Staffing firms have lots of opportunities

Looking to a staffing firm to help with your job search is like a recruiter, but for different kinds of roles. Recruiters help you find specific jobs for specific skills, whereas staffing firms help with more general jobs (or jobs that a company is hiring a lot of at any time, such as administration or sales).

Why a staffing firm may be helpful:

Staffing firms specialize in helping companies find people to interview, so you’d be leveraging their expertise to get more interviews and potential job opportunities. They also usually have a lot of opportunities available, so if one doesn’t work there will likely be another soon.


Many small businesses advertise in their storefront if they are hiring

Looking to storefronts to help with your job search is an easy way to learn more about job opportunities in your local area. When you walk downtown, do you see Help Wanted signs? If so, that’s a clear indicator of a job opportunity. Plus, chances are the owner works in the store (if it’s a small store), so you can meet them immediately.

Why storefronts may be helpful:

While jobs in your hometown may not be your end game, they can be a great start. Often, especially in small towns, business owners have a tough time hiring. If you can show that you’re committed and local, you may have a higher chance of getting the job.

The mall

The mall may have a lot of opportunities in one place

Looking to the mall to help with your job search is a great in-person way to find a lot of job opportunities in one place. If your area has a big mall (indoor or outdoor), chances are the companies are hiring. You can take one walk around and ask if businesses are hiring, and what for.

Why the mall may be helpful:

Going to the mall helps find a lot of opportunities in one spot, especially if the mall is really big. While it may not be an office job, it’s a start – and many companies promote from within. There’s also the chance that a current employee can refer you in, increasing your chances.

Through a recruiter

Recruiters can be your eyes and ears in the job search

Looking to a recruiter to help with your job search is a good method to find a more particular job – or if you have special skills. Recruiters do a lot of the searching for you and bring you interview opportunities, which can be great if you’re busy.

Why a recruiter may be helpful:

A recruiter will likely know more about hiring trends in the industry than you do, so they can be a super valuable resource for tips and tricks in the job search. They may also know about opportunities before they are posted, giving you a better chance.


Twitter gives you the chance to connect with new people

Looking to Twitter to help with your job search is a unique way to job search, but it can be successful. Twitter is all about communication and conversation, and most brands have an active Twitter presence. It’s a great way to learn about opportunities, since most companies will post jobs on Twitter if they are hiring.

Why Twitter may be helpful:

Because Twitter is all about conversations, you can connect with important people – all the way up to the CEO – in a way that you may not be able to offline. That help you get in touch with the company and key people during the application process.


Volunteering can help build new skills

Looking to volunteering to help with your job search is helpful because volunteering gives you the chance to use skills you may not use at your current job. This may help you stand out in an application process. When you volunteer, chances are you’ll be doing way more than your job – since you’re working for free, you get more responsibility.

Why volunteering may be helpful:

Volunteering brings people from every possible life experience and situation. Since many companies value giving back to the community, showing that you volunteer is a great way to get an advantage in the process. As well, the additional responsibilities you took on as a volunteer will help you stand out in the application process, since you can show that you took the initiative to learn.

Your significant other or spouse

Your significant other may be able to help you find a new job

Looking to your significant other to help with your job search is a useful method, but it could cause potential issues. If your significant other works at the company you want to work for, just be sure you’re both ok with working together – you may want some time to yourself. If that’s not a problem, then talking to your significant other about opportunities may be a huge win for you both.

Why your significant other may be helpful:

A lot of times, companies hire people for very specific reasons that aren’t always in the job description. Your significant other will be more likely to share the real way to get hired. When that happens, you can be far more prepared for your interview.