The Best Data Center Jobs for 2021 and Beyond

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As more and more of our data is migrating online, data centers gain popularity and become more critical. Suppose you are considering a career that is related to a data center. In that case, there are plenty of options at your disposal.

From power-related jobs that make sure that the data center has enough power to run smoothly, across the jobs that deal with different aspects of data center safety, to networking and system monitoring, there are plenty of career paths you could take. 

Regardless of whether you want to build your career from the ground up or want to get new qualifications that will help you get a job in this field, here are some of the jobs in a data center that you can consider. 

Data Center Test Engineer

If you opt to choose this job, your task will be to set up environments to test PC and network solutions within the data center. At the same time, you will be tasked with exposing any issues and identifying major contributing factors that create infrastructural problems. 

Data Center Environmental and Safety Technician

When you work as an environmental and safety technician, your responsibility is to investigate safety issues while conducting environmental training. 

This job also entails supporting and monitoring the various environmental, health, and safety activities within the data centers. 

Infrastructure Architect

Infrastructure architects typically take care of any supportive services such as cooling and power. They are also responsible for the design of the data center. 

Project managers are there to ensure that any significant installations are well maintained, while the architects take care of the finer details of keeping a data center running. 

Chief Architect

As a chief architect, you would be in charge of closely observing how IT functions can be centralized so that departments across the company can work together seamlessly. 

The same position might also be called the enterprise architect, but the essence of the job is the same. 

Data Center Manager

As you might have guessed, data center managers must have a wide range of knowledge of all things data center-related. 

As a manager, you would be overseeing the general running of the facilities, so you must know how everything works and how it’s connected. 

Everything from the understanding of network and operating systems to knowing the correct protocols and processes falls into a data center manager’s expertise field.

Data Center Maintenance Planner/Scheduler

A data center maintenance planner/scheduler has a dynamic position that involves communicating both internally and maintaining regular contact with clients. 

This title entails planning requirements for customers and managing entire project lifecycles. It is up to you to ensure the efficient execution of the various planning and scheduling processes. 

Additionally, it demands providing equipment-related knowledge and technical expertise in improving preventive maintenance tasks.

Electrical Engineer

As a hardware engineer, you would be developing small scale projects right through to high volume manufacturing.

This title also includes working in a team that helps design and build the software, hardware, and networking technologies. Because of that, good communication skills are essential for the job.

Cloud Architect

data center jobs

This is an IT professional who is responsible for overseeing a company’s cloud computing strategy. This includes cloud adoption plans, cloud application design, and cloud management and monitoring.

Your job would be to oversee application architecture and deployment in cloud environments, such as public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Data Wrangler

Being a data wrangler means that you are an expert in your field of work. Your tasks would be to clean up significant data sources to prepare them for data analysts and data scientists. 

This is a highly skilled position that very few people get. The job was created to allow those with high-level skills to be employed most effectively rather than on work that could be done by others.

Virtualization Administrator

Just like the title suggests, as a virtualization admin you would be responsible for virtual environment set up and maintenance, in addition to traditional administrative duties. 

The virtual environment could consist of operating systems, network resources, servers, storage, desktops, applications, or data.

Site Reliability Engineer

If you are comfortable with both software engineering and IT operations, the position of site reliability engineer could be the right one for you. 

This title asks for a specialist who works with software developers to ensure that an organization’s computing systems are scalable, stable, and predictable.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

With this title, you would be responsible for developing and implementing an information security program. The program includes procedures and policies designed to protect enterprise communications, systems, and assets from both internal and external threats.

You may also work together with the chief information officer to procure cybersecurity products and services and manage disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

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