The Best Twitter Chats For Business Development

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Reaching new audiences on social media is nothing new, but it can feel so awkward. Joining a conversation online can feel uncomfortable at the best of times. And with the rise of shaming, publicly “calling out” people, and other negativity online, you may have no motivation to put yourself out there. Enter Twitter chats, structured conversations around a specific topic. 

In a Twitter chat, people want to learn more about a topic. Your knowledge is not only nice to have, it’s desired by people in the chat. This unique structure – mimicking a real-life conversation about a specific topic – is a great way to learn, to network, and to chat with new people. There are chats for any profession, but here’s our roundup of the best Twitter chats for business development professionals and marketers. 


#AdWeekChat is a weekly chat for anyone in media, agencies, or marketing. Hosted by AdWeek, the global magazine, conversations are about a variety of pop culture topics from TV shows, to awards, to advertising campaigns. 

Because of AdWeek’s popularity and well-known brand, the chats are well-attended so you have a great opportunity to connect. If you provide a good response, you may even get a retweet from the AdWeek account, which boasts over 600,000 followers! 


Hosted by Hootsuite, one of the original names in social media marketing, #HootChat is about everything social. The regular chat covers different topics each week that hit at the future of social media, social marketing, and social management. 

Unlike other chats that do individual tweets throughout the chat, #HootChat is in one large thread. That way, anyone can see the whole chat just by scrolling up or down. If you want to see responses, just click on the question you like and read all the responses. 


SEMRush is a tool for SEM (search engine marketing). The platform helps you with SEO analysis, content marketing analytics, and more. As such, #SEMRushChat is about all things SEO, SEM, and content marketing. The chat is made for anyone at any level in digital marketing, as questions range from getting started all the way to advanced measurement. 

For anyone looking to join #SEMRushChat, pay attention to their Twitter account. They frequently follow and retweet engaged chatters, so it’s a great way to increase reach on your account while meeting new people and learning something new. 


This Twitter chat may have a Canadian host (Startup Canada), but it’s far from only mattering to Canadians. Instead, the conversations on #StartupChats cover every topic imaginable for entrepreneurs, many of which apply to intrapreneurial leaders as well. 

As more companies want employees to act like entrepreneurs within their jobs (aka intrapreneurs), the topics on #StartupChats like recruiting, culture building, performance management, and more are relevant. Startup Chats is also one of the only Twitter chats that twice a week instead of once a week, making the conversation much more frequent.


If you want to get better at Twitter, look no further than #TwitterSmarter. The weekly conversation talks about all things Twitter and looks at how tech innovation will shift in the future. Q&As on the chat talk about dealing with trolls, voice chat, when to post, how to engage, and more. 

Many marketers join the chat, so there’s opportunity for networking. However, it’s primarily helpful for learning more about Twitter and how to use the platform. Host Madalyn Sklar is a friendly person who frequently retweets people in the chat, so it’s a great way to gain exposure for your feed.

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