How to Find a Job During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The data scientists around the globe have been thoroughly studying the Covid-19 cases and numbers, to conclude the outcomes which could prove out to be very beneficial for the world. As the prevailing conditions suggest that almost around 6.3 million people have been affected by this vicious virus globally, which happens to be an acute respiratory syndrome that badly affects the respiratory system of humans, mostly lungs. Moreover, “The World Health Organization (WHO)” has announced it to be a pandemic. With no available vaccines to combat against this mystifying disease, the governments of many countries have imposed a serious lockdown to stop its transmission to huge masses, which in turn has devastated the supply chains of many businesses.

The business experts and analysts predict that it can lead the economies around the world into the deepest recession, other than the Great Recession which severely halted the growth of national economies in 2008. What is harder to believe in this struggling and most challenging phase is that most small businesses that provide work for the half of the US workforce, has decided to opt for the downsizing surge as they could no longer pay their employees.

Due to this layoffs surge in the US, almost around 3.28 million Americans have demanded un-employment benefits. And because of this downsizing trend, people all over the world are facing mental health issues that have led them into pandemic anxiety, depression, reduced social interaction, and feeling of a lack of principle in their lives as they fear that they will not be able to cope with this financial instability amidst lockdown. The best practice to deal with such issues head-on is to confront it with better wise solutions. The first thing that everyone must have to deal with is to have a reliable internet connection, especially if you are searching for online jobs.

A weak internet connection could put you in a state of being helpless to reply to an important conversation or an email demanding your CV on a short notice or maybe an interview call for recruitment to a multinational company. You can miss such chances if you face weak internet issues, so probably the first thing to do for finding a job during COVID-19 is to have a high-speed internet connection and a laptop. I thoroughly searched internet providers and found Spectrum internet plans to be very promising in terms of faster speed, reliability, and affordability. So it can be a smart move to subscribe to any of its effective internet packages. Once you have your hands on a fast and reliable internet connection along with a laptop, the following tips can surely help you out to overcome the challenging unemployment problems during this social distancing period.

Building your Network

So, the first strategy to adopt is to build your network as your, “Network would be determining your Net Worth” in your professional life. Probably the first thing to do in this lockdown period is to connect with business professionals and experts virtually to grow your connections. There are many good platforms to avail of this opportunity like you could join Facebook and LinkedIn professional groups, where you could comment and post articles to discuss business-related things professionally and make yourself visible with your expertise. You can reach out to people in your social circle who are employed and can put a good word of mouth or maybe resume, on your behalf to their bosses or other well-known business experts. Surely, your social connections can lead you under the radar of a hiring manager.

Joining Remote Job Search Platforms

Joining a remote job search platform where you can choose relevant online projects and tasks- especially during this span of social distancing and self-isolation at home can prove out to help earn a handful amount of money. What you have to do is to set up your profile on these freelance websites according to your proficiency in skill sets, mandatory for your career path. Bidding on projects that suit your comfort time and skills can make you your boss and it can come handy as well for polishing your skills to be more competent enough to survive during this wave of layoffs surge all over the world. I’m mentioning some of the freelance job search websites, which can turn out to be helpful for beginners and people who want to be self-employed by setting up their business network on such forums.

  • Upwork
  • Fiver
  • Guru
  • PeoplePerHour

Learning Complementary Skills

To strive competent enough in your expertise level, you need to set your game up by learning complementary skills that can uplift your resume during this period of the highly volatile job market. Various websites offer generic and specialized series of courses in more than 100 different disciplines and from much known and well recognizable institutes all over the globe. You set up your profiles on these websites and can get enrolled in courses that offer free certifications as well to boost your skills.

Wrapping Up

The forehand mentioned techniques can be very handy to train yourself for surviving these layoffs surge. Another very important point discussed in this article is how you train your mindset to tackle such issues in your life. A positive mindset is needed to overcome such situations of the increasingly volatile job market, and to come up with wiser solutions amidst this self-isolation and self-reflection period.

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