Unusual Ways Freelancers Have Won New Clients

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Winning new business is one of the biggest challenges freelancers face, right up there with getting paid on time. So whenever unusual ways freelancers have won new clients come to light, they are things to learn from. During #FreelanceChat, a regular Twitter chat for freelancers, the host posed a question – “What’s the most interesting or unusual way you’ve gotten a new enquiry?”

The answers got interesting, ranging from theatrics to almost scary. Here’s our roundup from the conversation: unusual ways freelancers have won new clients. 

No job, but freelancing

One respondent lamented that they went to a job interview, but didn’t get the job. However, during the interview they mentioned they were a freelancer. Lo and behold – they didn’t get the job, but they closed a client! You never know where a client can come from. That’s why having a repeatable one-liner is so critical to your sales and freelancer inbound funnel.

It’s all theatre to me

A lot of folks assume that you have to study business to be a successful entrepreneur. This person proved that clearly isn’t the case. He said that someone saw him perform a monologue at an open mic night. A member of the audience was an entrepreneur who was so impressed by his monologue. That entrepreneur hired him to create a character for his new business, and thus a freelance client was closed.

“Theatre training IS relevant to life!” he tweeted.

Cornered, but in a good way

Usually when you get cornered at an event, it’s not a good thing. It’s either someone wanting to sell you something or get a job from you. In this case, though, it helped a freelancer land his first-ever client. The person who cornered him said “I love your writing, can I pay you to write for me?!”

Good old Twitter

Michelle Garrett is the host of #FreelanceChat. She shared that many clients have come to her from Twitter itself! She said “Someone saw me here on Twitter responding to someone else’s tweet about needing PR consulting help. That person hired me for a project.” Just goes to show you never know who is watching.

The power of blogging

Ideally, a lot of people read your blogs. But if you can’t get tons of readers, then you can still win on quality. That’s exactly what happened with this freelancer. He started blogging before becoming a freelancer. When he started looking for clients, he said the CEO of a local startup commented how he had “always been a fan” of his blog. From there, he asked the magic question: “Can I hire you?”

Know of any other unusual ways freelancers have won new clients? Share them in the comments!

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