4 Tested Techniques Freelancers Can Use To Gain Brand Exposure On TikTok

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TikTok is one of the hottest social media platforms. It attracts the population of Gen-Z. Now it’s enticing business and brands also. You all know that TikTok is booming with more than 800 million active users monthly from worldwide. Hence it’s the ideal stage to show off your brand in front of a million people’s eyes. Thus, it’s a great marketing tool.

TikTok lets users shoot short-videos for up to 15 seconds to 60 seconds. TikTok is quite famous for lip-syncing and dancing with famous pop songs. In fact, using the TikTok brand can easily promote their business creatively, especially if you are targeting the younger generation. Because on TikTok, 40% of people are between the age of 16-24. Brands can use this stage to build strong communities, gain brand exposure, and connect with their customers. 

Remember, one thing, Gen-Z is dominating this app, plan your marketing strategies according to that. Your content must pour with humor, comedy skits to make your audience engaged.

In this article, I will be sharing a few techniques to increase your brand exposure on TikTok.

Let’s get started,

Make sure you have a business account

Once you plan to jump into TikTok to promote your brand. Your first and foremost action is to create a business account for your brand. If you set up your profile, then start posting videos. 

While creating an account, ensure, it must express your brand’s personality and voice. When people visit your profile at the first spot itself, they must click the follow button. Remember, your profile must look appealing.

Before you plan content for your brand, check your competitor’s profiles or top brands to see how they craft content to boost engagement rates. Next, identify your target audience and try to connect with them. By following them, you can identify their interests and find what type of content they view the most. Knowing all these things, you can plan the right content for them. By posting content according to their interest, you can grab their attention easily and  this is an excellent way you can build more active TikTok followers for your brand. Keep in mind that you need to post the kind of content you post serves to attract the audience as well as promote the brand directly or indirectly.

When coming to content types, do more tutorials and how-to videos. Teach your audience new skills and try to integrate your brand into it. You can make videos behind-the-scenes, which are more popular on social media. Don’t forget the magic of blooper content. It will give you massive hits. 

Ask your audience to share your content

You will never know the importance of user-generated content until you use it. Particularly for brands, it is one of the effective content to maximize your brand exposure. Hence, influence your audience to create content on your brand with hashtags, QR codes. When you have a shop or online store for your brand, ensure your TikTok handle is visible so that your customers will end up uploading their reviews or experience.

Hashtags challenges are trending on the TikTok app. You can do your own hashtags challenges and ask your people to participate. That, you can increase user-generated content. When creating hashtags challenges, make sure it must have a concept or idea to frame your challenges. Ensure it has to be funny and entertaining. Thus, it will influence others to take part in it. Ask your audience to use your specific hashtags for your challenges while participating in it.

Consider influencer marketing 

The right influencer will take your brand to the next level. Influencer marketing is famous not only on TikTok but also on all other social media. Suppose you are facing hard to reach or create content for Gen z people. You can invite an influencer to promote your brand with them. 

Do some research to figure out the right influencer for your brand. Don’t forget to check their engagement rate, target audience. You can monitor their previous actions, see how they promote other products or brands. After evaluating all those stuff, you can pick them for your brand. 

Once you choose them, be clear with your objectives and condition. Let them create content for your brand, give them enough space to work. Because they know how to bring visibility to your brand. Also, you can drag your influencer’s followers to your brand. This way, you can create a strong community for your brand.

Try TikTok ads 

If you want immediate results, then you need to run TikTok ads. Tik Tok provides advertising opportunities to do promotion activities. You have different types of ads, depending on your intention and purpose, you can choose them. TikTok ads types

  • In-feed ads
  • Brands takeover ads
  • Top View
  • Branded hashtags challenge
  • Branded effects 

Also, with the help of ads, you can target specific demographics, like the focused audience, location, and more.


TikTok is the perfect platform to grow your business. With the help of those techniques, you can maximize your brand awareness and visibility. Consistency is a matter of success. If you want to meet your goal, you need to be focused and stick to your plans. I hope you all enjoyed this article, don’t forget to try these techniques to make your brand popular on TikTok.

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