How To Market Yourself On Instagram As A Freelancer – A Complete Guide

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Instagram is a potential platform with a large number of active users involved in sharing their engaging activities.  Instagram has a large user base with over 1 billion monthly active users, posting almost 100 million images or videos per day. The engagement rate is very much higher compared to Facebook and Twitter and also Instagram has a large audience than Twitter. This means audiences interact more with the content on Instagram.

With a huge audience, you can use this platform for marketing your product and growing your business. Instagram allows users to build their personal brand, find out new products, and gain popularity among the large network.

Instagram gives an excellent way for freelancers to find new work on Instagram. Read through the article to gain tips for becoming a freelancer on Instagram.

Tip #1: Approach Via Your Bio

Normally Instagram serves as an excellent entertainment tool for personal use. But for business people or freelancers, you have to use your tricks and tactics to grow yourself. Your bio becomes the starting point for your viewers to judge you.

Instagram provides your bio page as an inbuilt advertising channel where you can use this strategy to attract more visitors. In the Bio area, Instagram allows up to 150 characters to explain your freelancing work to your clients. When a user visits your page, the first thing your user will see is your bio. So create your bio in an interesting way with attractive content and make your visitors curious on your page.

Another important thing is to provide your website URL within your bio, communicating to your visitors what you do exactly. You can also use the link to drive for your landing page to view your product or to capture your contact mail id. Take the bio page as an advantage to engage public people who are interested in doing the business you offer.

Tip #2: Define Your Goal

People in the world will have an objective in their life. Likewise, before opening an Instagram account, know the purpose why you are on Instagram and set any of the below goals before engaging yourself on Instagram.

  • Creating brand awareness about your work
  • Gaining many clients and followers for your account
  • Increasing engagement
  • Only promoting your products and brands.

Your motive is to become a successful freelancer on Instagram. To achieve this, for example, if you are a content writer, you simply want to increase your engagement among your followers and create awareness about your content. If you are a photographer or any graphic designer to gain more clients, you have to promote your brand with your creative image content to get more followers.

The reason you are choosing will help you further to achieve your target. For writers, link your content with your blog to show your writing potential, and as a photographer, show your photographic skill in your daily post to build a platform in gaining more clients.

Tip #3: Grow Your Freelance Business By Utilizing IGTV

The most useful marketing strategy on Instagram for freelancers is by posting video content. Videos provide a way to connect with your clients and audiences, helping you to grow your freelancer brand and create an impact for the people following you.

Instagram gives space to publish a normal video for 1 minute only. Then Instagram came up with an updated feature in posting a video called IGTV (Instagram TV). It becomes the right place to publish your thoughts in the video form with creative content for a period of 15 minutes.

The long and attractive form of your video content can convert viewers into your true followers. To increase the followers, you will gain the better result in getting real likes for your IGTV videos and create excitement to know about your work in detail.

Give an exclusive IGTV video about your freelancing story to attract more clients on a deeper level. Publishing a video should create an opportunity to engage with your audience on your page.

Tip #4: Hashtags To Improve Your Visibility

The reach of your Instagram page will be based on the type of hashtags you are using in your content. Hashtags play an excellent role in improving your visibility for new audiences. Choosing the relevant hashtags for your post will lead to the discovery of your content by new audiences.

Find the hashtags on your search bar by typing “#” followed by a relevant word. You will get the results for the particular word with a number of posts using the same word. Choose the hashtag used in many posts to gain free traffic to your page.

With the technique of finding new hashtags, you will get a chance to find other accounts having your relevant content. Start interacting with them to gain knowledge in your freelancing field and work accordingly to refine your page in a great way.

Tip #5: Share Your Thoughts Through Instagram Stories

Each individual person will have their own thoughts and creativity to share among different people. Instagram gave way for this by introducing “Instagram Stories,” which bought a huge response among the users. Over 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day to share their best moments and their creative content with their followers.

Instagram stories help you to connect with people on a personal level. Sharing stories helps you to engage people with you and your business. Many people will get a chance to know who you are, with your content telling them your profession in an attractive way. The stories will last only for about 24 hours on your follower’s page but showcase your work in the best way.

Instagram launched many additional features of stickers on IG stories to conduct surveys and to ask questions directly by your followers. There are many stickers to interact with your audience in an interesting way. 

  • Quiz sticker – It helps to know the interest of your followers.
  • Question sticker – Using this sticker, clear the doubts of your followers and know their need
  • Poll sticker – Get to know the voting for your business
  • Countdown sticker – Create excitement among your followers before giving a new update.


Instagram Marketing is not just about learning ideas. You have to use these tips in practical ways to increase your followers and get your potential clients by building a strong profile on Instagram. Also, engage with other freelancers and build connections with them to support you. Create bonding to work with them and know their tactics in the freelance business. With this, you can gain more followers and gain opportunities to earn on your own in a great way.

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