Why Media Monitoring is Crucial for your Business to Succeed

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Having as much data about your business as possible should be one of the goals any entrepreneur has. And what better source of information about you than your customers? By monitoring what people say about you on the internet, you get first-hand data about your services’ quality. Going by that data and adjusting accordingly is not only good practice – it’s crucial for your business to function well. There are many cases where brands ignore the customers’ feedback and get hurt due to that.

Data about your brand

Right now, media monitoring is much easier than it used to be a few years ago. PR specialists would sort through your company’s mentions manually and analyze them without using any tools. Now, tools such as Brand24 are there to help you with your mentions and their sentiment analysis. Responding to the mentions, for example, on Twitter, is vital to have acclaim among your competition. While ignoring contact requests and issues, people may have can harm a business immensely.

Now, what can media monitoring help you with?

Competition examination

Using media monitoring, you can track what your competition is doing. As the market is becoming increasingly competitive, such knowledge is invaluable. Media monitoring allows you to see where your competition’s name is mentioned and what the sentiment is. Then, you can mimic their strategy or just draw from them. 

Future processing vs sam solutions mention graph
Future Processing vs. Sam Solutions mention graph

This data helps you make your next move and create an effective marketing strategy that can compete with them. It also tells you what mistakes they make and what you shouldn’t do. You get the opportunity to convert their customers to your product, too.

Control over your brand’s reputation

Quite possibly, one of the most significant benefits of media monitoring is the control over your brand’s reputation. It allows you to keep your eye on things that can hurt your name. If your brand reputation is on a high level, it’s almost like a guarantee of high-quality service. People crave social proof when they look for brands.

Media Monitoring Ryanair
Ryanair’s blunder by @jenniwaters7 on Twitter

Furthermore, good brand management enables you to find out what your customers want. By analysing your mentions, you’ll see what you lack and what your good sides are. On that basis, you can further improve your services.

Another thing is brand awareness. You can increase your company’s recognizability by reaching out to particular people who are well-known in the industry.

“With media monitoring, it’s easier to get in touch with the community. Whether people have an issue they need to solve or just provide feedback and praise your and your services, it’s always good practice to interact with them. Doing so can help you build a community, and it’s always better to have one instead of just basic users.” says Lukasz Zelezny, SEO Speaker and Author at SEO London

Media Monitoring SEMRush
SEMRush’s good practice

It’s super important that you keep in touch with your customers. Sometimes it’s challenging to contact the authorities from a certain business. When people can’t get in touch via email or Twitter, or any other text-based form of communication, they will try the telephone if the issue is an emergency. Therefore, sites like numberforliveperson.com provide a great directory with phone numbers to many various businesses.

Crisis management

Media Monitoring JCPenney
JCPenney’s mistake

Media monitoring can help you detect any crises that can hurt your brand. Online mentions are a precious source of information on whether a thing you posted may have become a problem. It’s essential to act quickly in the face of a crisis. It takes years to build a brand reputation, but only one mistake to get it in shambles. 

Being one step ahead of press releases is crucial for you to keep your name unharmed in case of a mistake. Real-time media monitoring can help you with that. Be it fake-news someone posts, an error on your part, a malicious post from your competition, or a negative review; you need to act.

Olive Garden Media Monitoring
Olive Garden’s denial of fake news

But detecting a crisis is not the only thing you need to do. You will need to react accordingly and create a message that can mitigate the damage well-enough. Merely deleting the post and ignoring what people have to say is not a good way to handle a crisis.

HMV Media Monitoring
HMV’s ignoring of the situation

Sentiment analysis

Skrapp's negative sentiment
Skrapp’s negative sentiment

Sentiment analysis simply detects whether your brand’s mention was in a negative, positive, or neutral tone. This can quickly tell you what your customers think of your services. If you see that the majority of mentions are in negative sentiment, you need to act appropriately. 

See what the overall message is and, basing on that, fix the issues people report. The worst you can do here is ignoring all that. Sentiment analysis is an essential element of media monitoring.

Media Monitoring Sentiment analysis
Sentiment analysis

Trends analysis

Media monitoring enables you to keep up with the latest trends and get a grip on what generates the most click-through rate (CTR). Keeping your hand on the pulse in that aspect is very important as well. Creating blog posts or social media entries that ride on the wave of the biggest trends is what generates lots of traffic and reputation. Software allows you to analyse hashtags to see which ones are the most popular at the moment.

Media Monitoring hashtags
#Outsourcing’s popularity

In this example, you can see that the hashtag #outsourcing wasn’t as popular at the beginning of October and has seen a significant increase in mentions towards the end.


To summarize, media monitoring is vital for your business to thrive. Responding accordingly to users’ feedback and their issues makes for an exceptional marketing strategy. Nowadays, people expect you to reply to requests quickly, and media monitoring can help you with just that. Crisis prevention, creating new campaigns for the future, and monitoring your competition are elements that provide immense help in building a name for yourself in the ever-changing world of business. If you want to do it yourself, here’s an in-depth guide about media monitoring.

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