Subtle Yet Powerful Ways To Promote Your Business to Gen Z and Millennials

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When targeting younger demographics, everything must feel authentic. You won’t draw these consumers with infomercials or blatant plugs regarding goods and services because these feel so scripted. The need for individuality while still fitting into a group is important, so how do you cater to that kind of thinking? Use a few of these subtle yet powerful ways to promote your business to gain customers through less obvious tactics.

Labels and product placement

Have you ever read the comments on a video on a social media platform? Take some time to scan the threads. Viewers notice every little detail, from objects in the background to a chipped nail in the foreground. Use that minute attention to detail by strategically placing products and labels from your company. Easter eggs (hidden messages or features—a hint of sorts) are wildly popular as observant consumers see everything in a frame.

Tagging and hashtagging

Getting websites and those making social media posts to tag your company and backlink to your website is ideal. When people use your product or services, encourage them to document it and tag your business or create hashtags that build a virtual photo album for you. You can even offer incentives or prizes for those who do so. The more people who use these, the more organic promotions your content will have.

Let the influencer do the work

Influencers are a massive part of promotional marketing through tagging and product placement. Often, viewers want to interact with influencers on their favorites, prompting the creation of “How to…” or “This is what I use…” videos. Offering free products to influential people with followers in your target consumer group will allow you to promote with subtlety. A causal video that explains your product and how they use it to gain the result of inquiry—and popping a link in their bio—can cost you next to nothing.

There is something to the subtle yet powerful ways to promote your business. Remember that these consumer groups can detect inauthenticity but love trends. Boost your internet presence with the right people leading the customer back to you. It’s not sneaky; it’s inventive. Don’t fall behind!

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