Ranking the best 7 career benefits of intrapreneurship that can take your career to the next level

When you decide to become an intrapreneur – bringing entrepreneurial creativity and problem solving inside of a company you work for, not own – you already gain a lot of financial benefits. From not having to buy your own laptop to not needing to pay rent (or for coffee), there are many financial benefits to intrapreneurship. On top of the money, though, you gain some pretty fantastic career perks. Looking through the full list of career benefits of intrapreneurship shows that it can offer you almost anything you want in a career. 

For people who want a career path filled with excitement, control, and more money – then you’ll want to pay attention to the career benefits of intrapreneurship.

7 – Increased job security

career benefits of intrapreneurship: more control: job security

One of the most overlooked career benefits of intrapreneurship: when you launch successful projects you become increasingly valuable to your company. This happens not only because you’re known to create value for the company but also because you hold a lot of ‘institutional memory’ from the various projects you took on. 

In a world of increasing job insecurity, being intrapreneurial and showing that you can create value for your organization is a great way to remind them how much they need you.  

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