Signs you have more career success than you think

Feeling like your career is dragging on but providing you nothing? You’re not alone. A lot of people don’t feel valued, respected, or motivated at work. A big part of that it not seeing how their work actually connects to their own success. If you’re feeling this way, though, realize there are many measures of career success. 

While it can be soul-sucking to work for a company that doesn’t always respect you, it doesn’t mean that you’re a career failure. Instead, look at these signs that you have more career success than you think. 

Your coworkers help you when you need it

When coworkers band together, great things can happen

Working in an office environment can feel very weird at times. You spend most of your waking hours with people, but you hardly know any of them beyond being coworkers. When you head home, you’re more likely to know more about your favourite TV characters than the person sitting ten desks over. But at the same time, you share a deep bond with coworkers because of the common wins or challenges you’ve been through, and that can’t be replaced by any TV show. 

So that’s why it’s especially awesome when your coworkers help you out when you need it. 

Helping out could be small or big. It could mean offering some feedback on a big presentation or it simply getting you a cup of coffee when they grab theirs because they know you’ve got a lot of work to get through. Or it could be them taking a few minutes to listen to you if you’re having a really rough day and need someone to talk to. 

Despite the fact that coworkers may not know each other that well, many can be very helpful. Unfortunately, though, it’s not something that you can expect in every workplace. Sometimes you have mean coworkers. Other times the company culture for some reason doesn’t allow coworkers to help each other. So if you can rely on your coworkers (even just a handful) to help you when you need it, you’ve got a big sign of career success that not everyone has. 

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