15 financial benefits of intrapreneurship: expenses intrapreneurs don’t have that entrepreneurs pay out of pocket

When bootstrapping your company as an entrepreneur, you pay for everything yourself. Even with investment, you’re still using someone else’s money, not customer revenues. On the other hand, there are many financial benefits of intrapreneurship that go unrecognized – but are worth almost $40,000.

get to know the many financial benefits of intrapreneurship

Being an intrapreneur is all about taking the creativity of entrepreneurship and applying it to your job. To be successful, you’ll need to nail certain project management skills like upward communication and business case creation.

But one of the biggest benefits you realize right away being an intrapreneur vs entrepreneur is that you don’t have ‘startup costs’. Here are just a few of the expenses intrapreneurs don’t have to pay (and entrepreneurs pay out of their own pockets).

Work environment expenses

Just existing in a work environment costs money – here are some of the biggest expenses.

15 – Desk

Just having a place to work can cost hundreds per month, so the financial benefits of intrapreneurship really add up

While the desk itself may not be that expensive (IKEA for $50), the real cost of your desk is the floor beneath it. The rent your company pays just for you have a place to work is an expense you’d have to pick up if you were on your own.

“Cafe memberships” at coworking spaces start at $250+ per month per person. Private desks start even higher. Kicking off the financial benefits of intrapreneurship, having a place to work is a big one.

We’ll estimate $500 a month for a private desk to start the running total.

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