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Set yourself up for success EVERY SINGLE DAY

set yourself up for success

Working on your mindset to get in the right frame for success doesn’t mean meditating once a week and calling it a day! Mindset work needs to be done on a daily basis for it to actually make an impact on your work. I read many different books to better understand what rituals I should implement in my life to boost my mindset. What I’ve discovered is that there’s no magic formula –  you need to figure out what works for you by trying different approaches and testing results.

Sharing a personal example, I’ve always been a morning person. So I decided to create a morning routine and test it for a few months to see the impact it could have on my life. I started waking up at 5:24 am (I live my life by the minute!) every morning and tried many formulas before finding my own version of a morning routine that works for me! Some of the rituals included are meditation, visualization, and journaling.

The impact it had on my business is HUGE: I gained focus and productivity and was able to triple the number of coaching clients I have while balancing a part-time role. I can now say that I never skip my morning routine because I know it’s going to screw my whole day. It gives me confidence, focus and structure on a daily basis.

If you’re looking to try a formula for morning routine creation, you can check out mine in this masterclass on creating your morning routine.

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