The best marketing books for ambitious people who want to get their message out and sell more

The best marketing weaves a story into a promotion. Half the time you forget you’re even being “marketed” to, instead you are excited and fired up to share the product’s story you’ve just been told. After that, you find all the ways in your life that a product would work. Soon enough, you buy. The problem is many books about marketing share examples of what went well, but they rarely explain how to do it. The best marketing books, on the other hand, go in-depth. They are practical and written for the person doing the marketing. 

The best marketing books help you tell your story. They help you craft your message, find your audience, deliver the message in a way your audience wants, and more. The best marketing books help you build a community around your brand. We’ve researched the best marketing books for ambitious people who want to get their message across – regardless of if your job is in marketing or not.

5- The Tipping Point

an early book on marketing in a new era: the tipping point

This seminal book on marketing talks about the moments that define how big a message will become. Malcom Gladwell is a world-renowned psychology professor and in this book he goes deep into showcasing the best examples of messages that spread round the world. Initially published in 2000, The Tipping Point was one of the first books in the modern era of marketing, ushering in what would become dozens of books on the subject. 

Why you should read this book: Gladwell explains the “three rules of epidemics” – the three psychological laws that, when met, make ideas spread. Follow these properly and your marketing will take off. 

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