Reasons Why You’re Not Being Productive While Working Remotely

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The last year has been not more than a nightmare for a lot of us. Businesses got shut, lockdowns implemented globally and we all were forced to work from home.

That was surely a state of shock for many since unemployment rose massively during that period.

Meanwhile working from home was somewhat satisfactory since many of us never experienced working while still being close to our loved ones.  

However, this soon turned into a misery rather than delight when working from home became a hurdle for employees to be productive at work.

Suddenly, working from home was a big distress instead of just a “cool trend”.

Also this same problem has been a huge issue for freelancers, who were used to work at a coffee shop or a coworking.  

There were multiple reasons for that based on the surveys done by authentic publications and reporters.

Let’s discuss a few of them;

Reasons Why You’re Not Being Productive While Working Remote

Pattern disruption

The psychological aspect of someone’s work life is often times overlooked but it’s the foundation for so many layers of productiveness down the line. For one to be highly productive, they should be physically and mentally fit.

As the pandemic, all of a sudden, forced people to work from home the work pattern got disrupted for so many. Human beings get comfortable with the things they get used to.

The daily routine of getting ready, leaving for work, meeting people and sitting on your desk suddenly vanished.

Thus employees started finding it hard after a while since they missed the routine they were engaged in for a long time.  

The generic distractions

Anyone who has worked from home once knows that your home becomes a powerhouse of distractions right when you try to work.

Especially for employees with families, coping up with work is extremely difficult while you’re around them all day.

Usually when you’re at your workplace, you’re free of your household duties, but staying at home while you’re working doesn’t free you from all that.

This combined with the noise of everything around you and friends and family members who come to visit you certainly destroy your focus on work.     

Loss of social energy

Humans are social animals. We love interactions and feel positive being around people. This isn’t even an introvert/extrovert debate. A level of human interaction at workplace is appreciated by almost anyone.

Having days when the society was expected to practice isolation on purpose as a whole frustrates many. Each person around you carries certain type of energy and feel.

But if you’re stuck at home, you’re not meeting anyone other than your family and that restricts you to experience all those various energies. Thus you lose your passion and enthusiasm towards work overtime.

No line between work & life

The idea of a workplace is that it’s a place where you leave the distractions & other aspects of your life for a while to concentrate on a higher level ambition.

While your home is where your loved ones are, thus there’s more of an emotional connection rather than rational one.

That’s why it can be challenging for freelancers to fully focus on their craft. When you combine your workplace and your home, you’re not able to execute properly on either one of those places. 

Solutions – How Can You Be More Productive in a Remote Working Environment?

The fact that there are challenges doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t any solutions to those challenges.

We all know remote work is here to stay, thus it’s important for you to tackle the issue that’s stopping you from achieving more.

Customize Your Work Space

If you’ve recently turned into a freelancer, the key driver in your productivity reduction can be the fact that you miss your workplace’s environment and vibes, the first priority should be to set up a cool work space setup at home.

This doesn’t necessarily have be too fancy. The key is to make it similar to your office environment.

So you just have to ensure that you have the facilities and the overall feel of your home work space close to what your office experience was before you tuned into a freelance career.

Listen to Music

Music triggers your mind in so many ways. For every person music decodes into a different type of feeling and energy.

While the subjective nature of music has always been in debate in terms of its effectiveness in boosting work productivity, still the latest report by the Guardian mentioned that music is extremely beneficial for working from home.

The report by the Guardian emphasized on how you use music while you’re working. The pattern they suggested goes something like this;

  • Start off with slow music
  • Shift to power songs eventually

Also they suggested keeping updating your playlist whenever you come across a new song that makes sense to you.

Take regular breaks

The impact COVID19 had on the social life of us as a society has been bigger than anything else. Seeing other people only through the screen of your laptop or phone was definitely a challenge. However that was the only choice when the pandemic hit hard.

As a freelancer you must be used to have face to face meetings with clients. It allows people to connect on a personal. However, when you’re just working from home full time as a freelancer, you might turn into a robot that’s programmed to work all day. No interaction with anyone outside your family throughout the day can be exhausting.

Thus an alternative can be to take regular breaks during your work time and connect with your other freelance friends and join communities. You’ll feel more positive and enthusiastic towards work and in fact accomplish ore in less time.

The All-in –One Solution: Join a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are dedicatedly built for the purpose of serving people with a work environment.

As a freelancer, being a member of a good coworking or shared office space can get you all the amenities you were looking for without any hassle. One can easily find some great coworking spaces in their area by searching online.

Huddle is also one cool coworking and collaborative workspace that tends to serve its customers with high end facilities to make remote work convenient for them. 

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