7 Career Benefits Of Intrapreneurship

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When you decide to become an intrapreneur – bringing entrepreneurial creativity and problem solving inside of a company you work for, not own – you already gain a lot of financial benefits. From not having to buy your own laptop to not needing to pay rent (or for coffee), there are many financial benefits to intrapreneurship. On top of the money, though, you gain some pretty fantastic career perks. Looking through the full list of career benefits of intrapreneurship shows that it can offer you almost anything you want in a career. 

For people who want a career path filled with excitement, control, and more money – then you’ll want to pay attention to the career benefits of intrapreneurship.

7 – Increased job security

career benefits of intrapreneurship: more control: job security

One of the most overlooked career benefits of intrapreneurship: when you launch successful projects you become increasingly valuable to your company. This happens not only because you’re known to create value for the company but also because you hold a lot of ‘institutional memory’ from the various projects you took on. 

In a world of increasing job insecurity, being intrapreneurial and showing that you can create value for your organization is a great way to remind them how much they need you.  

6 – Personal brand growth

career benefits of intrapreneurship: more control: personal brand growth

Whether you’re trying to build your personal brand inside of the organization or outside of it in a certain functional area, intrapreneurship is a great way to show that you’re an expert.

Want to speak on stage? One of the best ways for an intrapreneur to do it is to run a successful project or create serious efficiencies in their jobs – that way, you’ll likely end up being asked to talk about your success at different events and conferences. If your company hosts their own conferences, too, you have a better chance of being selected to speak if you have intrapreneurial successes to give you credibility. 

5 – Recognition and influence 

intrapreneurs are often recognized for their work

If you step up to take on an intrapreneurial project, spearhead a new initiative, or just find efficiencies for everyday company problems, you’re showing that you are the person to come to for advice and solutions. This is an enviable spot to be in; you may find yourself becoming an unofficial advisor to executives or the company’s board, entrenching you in the company’s decision making process. 

Depending on what kind of recognition schemes your company has, you may also get recognized in front of the whole company. This may not be ideal for every personality type, but in most cases it shows that you’re doing something great and the company is grateful. 

4 – Bonuses and salary increases

intrapreneurs frequently make more money

While this one is technically a financial benefit, not a career benefit of intrapreneurship, it cannot be overlooked. If you take on additional projects that bring in revenue, you may get a slice of that (whether or not you work in sales). Even if you don’t directly touch revenue but your work assists the company with profitability in other ways, you are in a strong negotiating position to earn a higher salary. 

Earning more money should not be your only motivation for intrapreneurship, but it’s certainly a strong motivator that helps align your interests to your company’s. The more you can help your company grow, the more money you should be able to take home in the process. 

3 – More, faster promotions

career benefits of intrapreneurship: more control: more promotions

When you think about the career benefits of intrapreneurship, the biggest benefit is getting more promotions faster. 

Intrapreneurs take on additional projects or bring unique solutions to problems in the company. Assuming you’ve honed the necessary intrapreneurial project management skills, you’re well on your way to delivering real impact for the company (tied to the bottom line).

When you’re showing consistent value to the company in terms of solutions delivered or revenue gained, you naturally set yourself up for promotions as they become available. These typically come with more responsibility and commitment to the company, but they can be seriously worth it for how quickly it accelerates your career growth.

2 – Increased job opportunities – inside and outside of your company

career benefits of intrapreneurship: more control: more job opportunities

As your career grows, you’re likely going to want new challenges or opportunities. If you have a track record of intrapreneurial success – problem solving and creativity – that becomes much easier for you. 

Inside your company, your reputation for producing results often means you can take bigger risks with career jumps. If you realize that you want to move on from your company, you’ll likely find you have many more opportunities open to you because of the diverse experiences you’ll bring to the table. 

1 – More control over your career path and work choices

career benefits of intrapreneurship: more control

Ever notice how some people always get the projects they ask for and never get the crap work? That’s just ultimate career benefit of intrapreneurship. 

It works for two reasons:

  1. You become known as a successful intrapreneur, so you can get what you ask for
  2. Intrapreneurs are often the first to put up their hands for new projects. That means you get to choose the ones you want. 

Career benefits of intrapreneurship go beyond money 

When you’re making an impact, great things happen. If you’re hoping to bring intrapreneurship to your company, don’t be afraid to pay attention to the career benefits of intrapreneurship – they are a great motivator. 


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