6 Ways to Come Out of a Slump Feeling Motivated

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Feeling unmotivated and getting stuck in a rut can happen to the best of us. Sometimes being in a slump becomes so overwhelming that it seems impossible to make any positive change in our lives. However, I assure you, it can be done. Even taking a few baby steps can get the stone rolling towards a positive road and feeling motivated again.

People find difficulty in seeking motivation. Well, it may sound cliched, but we are surrounded by motivation. It is just a matter of shifting your perspective. These 6 little tips can give you an idea of how to get motivated and kicking your slump to the curb:

#1. Make a To-Do List

When you find yourself in a slump, you can barely manage to get anything done. The best way to get started in breaking out of it is by making a list of tasks you must do. In hindsight, making lists may show you that you have a lot of pending things. Instead of getting intimidated by, start with the smallest task. It can be anything like buying groceries, cleaning your room, taking a shower, or even looking up internet packages on your phone. Once you complete a task, you feel a sense of accomplishment and this can help you to keep knocking off more tasks on the list.

#2. Focus on Self care

Most slumps take hold of you because you let yourself go. You don’t shower as often as you should, sacrifice your sleep to binge-watch shows on spectrum cable, and so on. the key to breaking out of such a rut is by making small yet positive changes in your routine. Give your body the sleep it needs to function. Other things you can do is dress up, look good to feel good. You can also do some meditation or at least make a habit of taking rhythmic breaths to keep your wits about you.

#3. Find Out When It All Began

Another way of ending a slump is by figuring out how it all began. What could have triggered it in the first place? Was it a stand-alone incident or were there several things that caused you to feel down and detached? Trust your gut! Once you figure out the root cause, you can devise a plan to counter that issue(s).

#4. Clean and Declutter

When you are feeling blue, it becomes difficult to even do the simplest chores like doing the dishes or even tidying up. It is crucial to clean up and declutter your mess because it makes you feel as light as a feather. Having a nice and organized space can freshen up your perspective and give a boost to your motivation.

#5. Put Some Motivation in Your Ear

Nothing can lift you like being in the company of those who have a positive and go-get-it attitude. You can also call someone who makes you feel good about yourself. Some people may think that they’ll feel miserable in front of happy people, but that’s just self-pity holding them back. If you don’t feel like talking, just listen to some motivational speakers. That may help too.

#6. Start Small

This is one of the most important things in countering a slump. Thinking too big and not starting small can lead to feeling like you have failed. Committing to something small such as a 2 minutes exercise a day can help you break out of that shell. You may feel the urge to exercise more than 2 minutes a day, but don’t overdo it. Stick to that routine for at least a week and then keep adding a few more minutes each week. You will notice increased stamina and a better mood in a matter of days.

Want Some More Tips?

In case you want more help in getting out of your slump, try being grateful. You can count the little joys and comforts you have in life. Build on it by helping someone in need. Remember, you don’t have to go big, just making someone a cup of tea when they are busy and tired can make them feel special. In return, you feel good to have made them happy. In that spirit, be open to letting little mishaps go. Trust me when I tell you that calling spectrum customer service number to give them an earful because your internet isn’t working the way you want it to is not wise! Brooding over tiny things like that will not help.

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