The 19 Best Newsletters for Freelancers to Check Out

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As a freelancer, I’m guilty of spending way too much time on my email. I swear it’s not because I’m waiting for responses to my failed pitches – it’s because I’ve subscribed to so many newsletters. It’s become my preferred method of consuming information. Luckily for all freelancers, there are plenty of freelance newsletters that provide helpful resources, advice, inspiration, and even job opportunities. Here are 19 worth subscribing to. 

Peak Freelance

Author: Elise Dopson

What’s it about: Peak Freelance is a newsletter designed to help you improve as a freelance writer. It provides freelance writing tips as well as a weekly collection of freelance opportunities. In addition to advice, Elise also does helpful interviews with experienced freelancers who provide advice of their own. 

Why it’s worth subscribing to: If you want a combination of advice, opportunities, and opinions from industry professionals, this newsletter wraps everything into a concise read. 


Austin Kleon’s Weekly Newsletter

Author: Austin Kleon

What’s it about: Every Friday morning, Austin Kleon, a New York Times bestselling author, shares 10 interesting links about his life, writing, and art. His observations are ripe with helpful advice for freelancers who need inspiration or motivation.

Why it’s worth subscribing to: Austin’s content is full of interesting links that can spark inspiration if you’ve hit a block. The newsletter is especially helpful if you’re a creative freelancer.


Hayley McGuire’s Newsletter

Author: Hayley McGuire

What’s it about: Hayley McGuire’s newsletter is all about providing helpful how-tos and advice for freelance writers. Whether you specialize in PR, journalism, or copy, there’s something that can help every kind of writer in her newsletter.

Why it’s worth subscribing to: Hayley’s newsletter is concise and really easy to read if you’re a freelancer short on time. It only comes once a month too, so you won’t be constantly drowning in content.


Macro Media Lab

Author: Daniel “Tuba” DSouza

What’s it about: For freelancers interested in international ventures, Daniel “Tuba” DSouza offers a newsletter that dives into emerging topics within India, China, and parts of Southeast Asia. Twice a month, he’ll send you informative updates on what’s been happening in these parts of the world, and if they’re areas you can invest in. 

Why it’s worth subscribing to: Daniel’s newsletter provides concise write-ups on areas of the world you might not be familiar with. If you want to invest internationally, it’s important to do your research. This newsletter provides helpful insights and updates on those topics.


Is This a Bad Time?

Author: Corinna Keefe

What’s it about: Is This a Bad Time? is a newsletter designed for early-career freelancers and people who are freelancing in a new industry. Corinna provides ideas, advice, and resources to help make your freelance process a smoother one. The newsletter also features a weekly reading list, and profiles on different freelancers.

Why it’s worth subscribing to: There are plenty of freelance focused newsletters available, but there aren’t many that focus on freelancers just getting started. Corinna’s newsletter is one to consider if you’re struggling to start up.


The Sunny Sidebar

Author: Nathalie Santa Maria

What’s it about: The Sunny Sidebar is a newsletter all about making PR more approachable. Nathalie provides monthly tips and links related to making communication more inclusive, diverse, and accessible. 

Why it’s worth subscribing to: Nathalie’s newsletter is one of the most wholesome newsletters available to freelancers. It’s also the only PR related entry that promotes well-being, inclusivity and diversity through GIFs. 


Specky Scribbler

Author: Michelle O’Connor

What’s it about: The Specky Scribbler newsletter offers freelance copywriting advice and “scribbles” twice a month. Within these “scribbles”, Michelle provides insightful rambles on her life and writing experiences. 

Why it’s worth subscribing to: Michelle not only offers helpful advice for copywriters, but also leaves her inbox open for anyone that needs help. 


Kaleigh Moore’s Freelancer Newsletter

Author: Kaleigh Moore

What’s it about: Kaleigh’s newsletter offers free writing lessons on how to become a better writer. The newsletter covers everything from ghostwriting tips, topic brainstorming, and how to approach the outlining process.

Why it’s worth subscribing to: If you like things concise, Kaleigh does a great job of getting right to the point, while still providing a good amount of depth. There’s also something for every kind of writer in her newsletter.


The Typo

Author: Fiona Thomas

What’s it about: The Typo is a newsletter catered to freelancers who appreciate the realness of being human. We all make mistakes, and Fiona embraces it all in her newsletter. She provides helpful writing advice and shares insightful experiences related to creativity, work, and mental health.

Why it’s worth subscribing to: If you want practical writing advice from a newsletter that isn’t ashamed of being itself, The Typo is a fun read.


Freelance Feels

Author: Jenny Stallard

What’s it about: Freelance Feels is a monthly newsletter that gets freelancers to reflect on their careers, and their well-being. Many of its posts provide freelancers a sense of camaraderie and support, through thoughtful insights, experiences, and advice. 

Why it’s worth subscribing to: If you’re looking for a newsletter that provides you with a sense of company, Freelance Feels does a great job of making you feel like you’re not alone. The newsletter also helps you reflect on the mental health challenges that freelancing can bring. 


Empowered Freelancer

Author: Robin Cangie

What’s it about: For freelancers interested in marketing, Empowered Freelancer is a monthly newsletter full of helpful marketing tips. The entries also come with a monthly FAQ containing any questions you might’ve had about marketing. 

Why it’s worth subscribing to: If you’re a freelancer who hates marketing, Robin’s newsletter can make things more approachable. Added bonus if you like cats!


Kat Boogaard’s Weekly Newsletter

Author: Kat Boogaard

What’s it about: Kat’s newsletter offers a weekly round up of freelance gigs, tips, advice, and insider knowledge. She addresses common problems that freelancers go through, and makes you feel more comfortable with yourself as a freelancer.

Why it’s worth subscribing to: If you want a freelance newsletter that covers all options, Kat’s newsletter does a great job of providing a little bit of everything. The newsletter radiates positivity, and does a good job of motivating you too.


Get Clients Now!

Author: CJ Hayden

What’s it about: The Get Clients Now newsletter focuses on providing business owners practical advice designed to get you more clients, and boost your income. The newsletter even provides tips on how to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic as a freelancer.

Why it’s worth subscribing to: You’ll be getting insight from a freelancer who’s been coaching, and working in the workforce for almost 30 years. 


The Creative Small Business

Author: Katy Palmer

What’s it about: If you want advice that will help you be more creative, The Creative Small Business shares helpful advice and resources to help you unlock more ideas. The newsletter also regularly discusses important topics like your well-being.

Why it’s worth subscribing to: If you’re a small business owner interested in a combination of helpful advice, motivation, and inspiration, Katy’s newsletter is a great resource that’s easy to read.


Leading Without Burnout

Author: Davida Ginter

What’s it about: Leading Without Burnout is a newsletter designed to help reduce and prevent burnout. It keeps you updated on any relevant readings or events, and Davida even offers free sessions to help keep your mental health in check. 

Why it’s worth subscribing to: Burnout is a feeling that all freelancers could relate to. If you’re interested in empowering advice that reduces these moments, Davida provides helpful lessons on preventing burnout. 



Author: Lauren Razavi

What’s it about: Every Monday, Lauren sends out an email full of stories, ideas and resources related to the themes of remote work, creativity and global living. 

Why it’s worth subscribing to: If you’re interested in learning about new ways of working, and are fascinated by nomadic work, Lauren’s newsletter is one of the only newsletters available exploring these topics in depth.


Freelancing With Tim

Author: Tim Herrera

What’s it about: Freelancing With Tim is a newsletter that helps freelance journalists traverse the industry. Alongside helpful advice, Tim hosts weekly Q&As with freelance journalists where they discuss topics like how to pitch stories, writing longform features, and how to set rates for your writing. 

Why it’s worth subscribing to: Freelancing With Tim offers insight from seasoned journalists that many don’t have access to. They provide real industry advice that all journalists need to know. 


The Freelance Beat

Author: Tatiana Walk-Morris

What’s it about: The Freelance Beat is a newsletter that explores the trials and victories that freelance journalists face. It includes blogs and experiences from Tatiana that are filled with lessons and advice every freelancer should know. The newsletter also includes a round-up of writing gigs. 

Why it’s worth subscribing to: The newsletter is concise, easy to read, and includes real experiences from a widely published freelance journalist. 


The Freelancer Weekly

Author: Stefan Palios

What’s it about: Freelancer Weekly is PulseBlueprint’s weekly newsletter. It offers a round up of the best stories from our site, and a useful tweet from a freelancer each week. 

Why it’s worth subscribing to: If you want to be caught up on freelancer related news, advice, and interviews, Freelancer Weekly rounds everything up into a concise read. 


Whether you’re thinking about entering freelancing, or already in the workforce, newsletters can be some of the most helpful resources to learn from. There’s a newsletter for almost every field, and it can be a great way to get your foot in the door with experienced freelancers. You can even think about running your own, which is a great way to make money from a side gig

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