Twitter Accounts Every Freelancer Should Follow Right Now

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Twitter might be filled with angry content sometimes, but it’s also an incredible source of wisdom for freelancers. The platform can introduce you to new clients, gigs, and is one of the fastest ways to expand your network. If you’re an experienced freelancer, or an aspiring one, here are some accounts we’d recommend following.

Erin Blaskie (@ErinBlaskie)

Erin is a fractional CMO and marketing advisor to startups and scaleups. She’s led marketing teams at Fellow and L-SPARK and is currently the Chair of the Entrepreneurship program at Algonquin College. When she’s not working, you can find a lot of helpful discussions and threads on her Twitter page.

Erin Booth (@ErinBoothVA)

Erin Booth is a virtual assistant mentor who tweets helpful tips for aspiring VAs and freelancers. She also offers affordable online courses for VAs, and has the only online course for freelancers regarding executive travel planning

Michelle Garrett (@PRisUs)

Michelle is a freelance consultant who specializes in PR, writing, and social media. She was named a Top Digital PR leader in 2020, and was also selected as one of the Top 13 Content Marketing Influencers to Follow. On Twitter, she hosts a weekly chat called #FreelanceChat, which frequently offers great discussions about all things freelancing. 

Kaitlyn Arford (@kaitarford)

For freelancers who love pets, Kaitlyn is an award winning freelance writer who writes for the American Kennel Club. Among other things, she offers services for website copy, product description writing, and social media management. She also frequently shares freelance callouts on Twitter.

Max Pete (@Max_Pete)

Max is a freelance coach who doubles as a full-time Squarespace design freelancer – so he knows a thing or two about managing bad freelance clients. He was named one of the top 50 global freelance change makers by The Human Cloud organization, and regularly tweets motivational advice for all kinds of freelancers. You can even book a free consultation call with him for any business coaching you need.

Elina Jutelyte (@EndoExoEvents)

Elina is an event technologist, marketer, and strategist. Based in Belgium, she focuses on digitally delivering live events, and provides consultation through Endo-Exo, her own freelance business. If you’re interested in how to make your events more appealing digitally, she’s worth a follow.

Lauren Razavi (@LaurenRazavi)

Lauren is an expert in the future of work, innovation, and global living. She writes a weekly newsletter called Counterflows which focuses on these topics, and was named one of Remote’s top 75 remote work influencers. She is also in the process of writing a book called Global Natives

Anna Codrea-Rado (@annacod)

Anna is a journalist, podcaster, and author with a focus on business, technology, and working life. She’s freelanced everywhere from The New York Times, BBC, and Wired. She also writes a freelance newsletter called Lance which covers the quirks of freelancing, and the injustices many self-employed face. Her book, You’re the Business is set to come out at the end of March.

Dr. Julie Gurner (@drgurner)

Dr. Julie Gurner is an executive performance coach who holds a doctorate in psychology. She’s even been compared to Wendy Rhoades, a character in the show Billions. When she’s not offering private coaching, she regularly tweets empowering advice for freelancers and workers of all levels. 

Matthew Mottola (@matthewrmottola)

Matthew is an expert in remote work and  the CEO of Venture L, a platform where freelancers can run their business. He’s also the author of the book The Human Cloud, and has been named a top 50 remote work expert to follow. 

C.J. Hayden (@CJHayden)

C.J. Hayden is a business coach and author who focuses on helping self-employed professionals thrive. She’s authored six books related to freelance, and has almost 30 years of experience. She also regularly posts helpful articles for freelancers centred around how to grow your business. 

Jake Poinier (@DrFreelance )

Also known as Dr. Freelance, Jake Poinier is a freelance writer and author of three different freelance related books. He took on the gimmick of Dr. Freelance as a means to assist clients in getting the most out of their freelance creatives. He’ll help you diagnose what could be ailing your business, and provide advice on how to make it healthy again. 

Robin Cangie (@robinoula )

Robin is an expert in marketing and offers help to entrepreneurs and freelancers so they feel less confused about the subject. In addition to providing advice on marketing, she also offers coaching advice to help you overcome the hardships of freelancing. She’s also really into cats!

Kat Boogaard (@kat_boogaard)

Kat is a freelance writer who focuses on online content related to careers, productivity, entrepreneurship, and self-development. Outside of writing for her clients, she shares her own freelancing experiences on Twitter, and her website to help other freelancers grow their own businesses.

Melanie Padett Powers (@MelEdits)

Melanie is a freelance writer and journalist who covers everything from content marketing, blog posts, health features, and proofreading. She is also a proactive freelance activist who regularly advocates for better freelancer bylaws on her social media. 

Tom Basgil (@TomBasgil)

Tom is an expert on social media freelancing and offers free resources to freelancers on how to use social media more effectively. You can sign up to get his e-book for free on his website.

Steve Morgan (@steviephil)

Steve is a freelance SEO consultant and the author of Anti-Sell – an award winning guide that focuses on freelancers who hate sales. The book helps freelancers improve their networking skills and sales skills in non-salesy ways. He also covers these topics on his blog, and regularly tweets helpful advice for freelancers.

Being Freelance (@beingfreelance)

Being Freelance is a podcast where creative freelancers chat about their lives and their freelancing. In addition to posting about their podcast, they also share lots of helpful resources that all kinds of freelancers can use. Steve Folland, the host of the podcast, runs a book club and a series of courses built for freelancers too. 

Elaine Pofeldt (@ElainePofeldt)

Elaine is a freelance journalist and author of The Million Dollar, One-Person Business. Her book shares strategies from entrepreneurs who are making one million dollars a year off of being self-employed. She’s also been published for CNBC, Forbes, and Fortune. 

Freelancers Union (@freelancersu)

For helpful resources related to freelance laws, policy, and community – the Freelancers Union Twitter page has got your back. They provide freelancers educational resources on topics such as insurance and legislature, and bring awareness to policies that influence freelance work. 

The Indie List (@IndieListHQ)

The Indie List is a marketplace and community for freelancers based in Ireland. The platform offers services from a wide range of disciplines and was started to aid freelancers affected by the pandemic. In addition to their platform, their Twitter account frequently shares helpful articles and resources for freelancers. 

The Freelance Beat (@Freelance_Beat)

The Freelance Beat is a blog run by freelance journalist Tatiana Walk-Morris that explores the triumphs and challenges  journalists face while they freelance. In addition to providing helpful advice on the platform’s blog, the Freelance Beat Twitter account shares job postings and insightful tweets from other freelancers. 

Missed Pitches (@MissedPitches)

Every freelance writer has had a pitch rejected. Missed Pitches takes these rejected ideas and highlights them in a weekly newsletter. While a lot of these are entertaining, they could be helpful inspiration for your own story ideas. Their Twitter account is also a great resource for freelancers. They share weekly freelance opportunities, and helpful advice for freelance writers. 

PulseBlueprint (@PulseBlueprint)

Our very own Twitter page shares links to the stories we write, and helpful threads for all things freelance. We frequently post discussion threads, and have a newsletter which highlights our best insights of the week.

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