11% Of People Say Working Naked Is The Pandemic Guilty Pleasure They Want to Keep

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After COVID-19 pushed the world into lockdown in March 2020, a lot of people developed a pandemic guilty pleasure or two. As many joked about on social media, working from home for the first time meant being able to work in their birthday suits. Now, it seems more than a few people want to keep that habit up.

In the Securing The Future of Work survey by Kaspersky, initial findings from April 2020 showed that 46% of people had never worked remotely before. As it turns out, this newfound freedom led to pandemic guilty pleasures like working in comfy clothes – or no clothes at all. In a November continuation of the survey, 11% of people said working naked it is the pandemic guilty pleasure they want to keep. While that was the lowest item on the list, the highest ranked item was also clothes related. Nearly half (48%) of people want to work in comfy clothes all day.

Pandemic guilty pleasures - how many do you want to keep?
Source: Kaspersky

Other pandemic guilty pleasures people want to keep are waking up five minutes before work starts (36%), working in the garden or on a balcony (27%), bingeing Netflix (23%), having more time for video games (18%), and having takeaway lunches (16%). Only 13% said they don’t want to keep any pandemic guilty pleasures post-COVID. 

Balancing family and career

While 21% of people said the pandemic has caused family stress due to working from home, not all is negative. When asked about the positives of lockdown, 47% said they liked being able to spend more time with family. The second most common positive trait was saving money. 41% of respondents indicated they liked being able to save money in lockdown. 

Despite the challenges of family, only 32% of people want to go back to the office full-time. By contrast, 37% said they want some form of hybrid remote work and 16% said they want to work from home long-term. 

This shift to wanting remote work is also prompting some to consider a career change. Over one third of people (35%) say they are absolutely considering a career change in the next year. While 48% of people say they aren’t considering a change, 17% aren’t sure about it yet. When it comes to what will fuel that change, 49% of people say technical skills are critical for new careers. Coming in second was communication skills, with 40% of people saying they are important. 

People don’t want the old ways of work

In the survey, 32% of people said they like working remotely. When asked about traditional ‘old ways of working,’ 34% of people said they don’t want to go back to working at a set office or desk space. Further, 39% of people don’t want the traditional 9-5 structure anymore. Similarly, 32% of people don’t like the concept of a five-day work week. Only 25% of people said they want everything back from the ‘old way of work.’ 

That said, people miss a lot about the old work environments.

graph showing answers to the question: what have you missed about work?
Source: Kaspersky

People tended to miss human interactions the most. Of the top eight things people miss, three were about their coworkers: seeing people face to face (34%), office jokes (22%), and work social events (21%). People also liked the routine of work (27%) and the morning coffee ritual (17%). And perhaps not surprisingly, 16% of people miss the technology setup and IT support of an office.

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