A freelancer bloodbath is coming…

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There’s SO much going on in the freelance world right now, including thousands of people leaving full-time work and flocking to freelancing.

How long can the gravy train last?

I’m concerned…

I talk about freelancing a lot. And that’s because I love it. Freelancing provides, as the name implies, freedom.

You can control your own schedule, make your own rules, and make (a lot of) money.

But here’s the thing: the market is getting… frothy.

There are too many people jumping into freelancing without truly understanding what it means to be a successful freelancer.

It’s not a job alternative

If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you’re a freelancer (or want to become one).

The first realization that every freelancer needs to have sooner or later is that freelancing is not a job alternative.

It can occasionally be the thing you do in between jobs. But if you want to make this a part of your career (side hustle or full-time), you need to realize freelancing is a business, and you are a business owner.

The bloodbath is coming

The number of people excited by landing a client or two from their network, who then later realize they don’t want to handle the sales and admin of actually running a successful freelance business, will end up leaving clients high and dry.

It’s going to cause a lot of damage to the sector in my opinion, but thankfully the reputation will be repaired and upheld by the freelancers that truly care about their clients and know how to run this kind of business.

The skills you need to get through the bloodbath

A quick reminder: freelancing requires two skill sets

  1. Your craft (what you do for clients)
  2. Sales (the process of getting – and closing – clients)

Without both skill sets, you will have a hard time building a successful freelance business. When you have both skill sets though, things get way easier.

This mindset shift – from employee to entrepreneur – is one of the most critical shifts you can make as a freelancer. Having trouble with that shift? It’s something I teach in the Freelance Sales Blueprint course. If you’re curious, book a strategy session chat with me, and we can talk it out.