Are you easy to work with as a freelancer?

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Taking someone from perfect stranger to paying customer involves multiple steps.

Do you make those steps easy?

Here’s a simple diagnostic you can think about for each step in the journey:

1 – Introductions: Do you make it easy for people to book a phone call with you?

2 – Sales calls: Do you run your calls with an agenda flow, or do you come with a list of questions and expect your prospects to guide it from there with their answers?

3 – Proposals: Are your proposals simple and easy to understand, or do you spend an hour on an unnecessary 20 page powerpoint?

4 – Contracts: Do you send your own full contracts (with all 18 necessary clauses) and accept digital signatures? Or do you send a generic agreement they have to print and sign?

5 – Payment: Do you accept multiple forms of payment including credit card, or do you add a 3% surcharge when a client asks for the convenience?

These five simple things can change your business forever. I mean it. I know, because my freelance business went from about $3,000 per month to $10,000+ per month as soon as I got these things in order.

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