The Freelancer Weekly #3: If Freelancers Were A Country…

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We know the freelance economy is booming. More people than ever are getting into freelancing (either full-time or on the side).

… but what if freelancing was its owneconomy? That’s the big feature this week: If freelancers were a country.

Beyond that, we’re sharing top content on finding clients and getting more done (so you can earn more money).

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Top PulseBlueprint stories this week

Number 1: If freelancers were their own country, how big would the economy be?

Number 2: Fiverr now powers subscriptions, or as we like to call it “Freelancing as a Service”

Number 3: 50+ profitable side hustles you can start right now

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No remote work for junior staff? A bold move, let’s see how it works out for them.

Read the article: Why employers might not offer remote work options to junior staff

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