Freelancers: how good are you at sales calls?

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Sales is essential to freelance success. If you don’t have clients, you don’t have work – it’s as simple as that.

Unfortunately, success in freelance sales often has little correlation to talent.

There are mediocre people making tons of money while brilliantly talented freelancers aren’t paid what they are worth. 

The difference between the most successful freelancers and average freelancers? Their ability to sell.

I learned this lesson the hard way in my freelance business, not really picking up on the “how to sell” big for years.

But when I did, things changed for me.

I was able to earn more in one month than I earned in my entire first year of freelancing.

Yes, I got better at writing. That’s part of it. But the real win was I learned how to sell. I figured out how to close $10k+ deals on a single phone call with a single email follow up.

And I’ve put all of that knowledge into The Freelance Sales Blueprint, my new course.

I built the program exclusively for freelancers. It’s not a generic “how to cold call” training- it’s a focused, intensive 6-week program to teach you the all the nuts and bolds of freelance selling:

  • The psychology of freelance sales
  • Setting up the call so you’re in the driver’s seat
  • Scoping projects, handling objections, and talking about your offer with confidence
  • Closing the deal (and noticing red flags before it’s too late)
  • Statements of work, contracts, and more
  • Inbound sales so clients come to you

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