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Hey everyone! How are you doing now that March is over and we’re into April? LinkedIn is abuzz with statuses about “moving into Q2,” but for freelancers it kind of just feels like another Friday.I’m trying something new with the format of this newsletter – let me know if you like it or hate it with the up / down feature at the bottom of this email!

The tweetiest tweet that you ever did tweet

Yesterday, I published this feature article on how freelancers can close big enterprise deals. It was a great interview with Shahar Erez, the founder of Stoke Talent. And it got me thinking: what other growth tips do freelancers have for each other? So I tweeted about it.

And … holy moly. The responses in this thread are nothing short of spectacular. Before taking the leap:

On getting the scope in writing:

Protecting your work time:

Knowing when to say no:


And SO many more. Seriously. Check out the original tweet/thread.

In other news

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