Silicon Valley is noticing freelancers

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Big venture capitalists are investing in the freelance economy. Here are the two big headlines from this week.

Helping the enterprise hire freelancers

Worksome has just raised $13M to continue building its enterprise freelancer management platform.If you’re a freelancer, you probably know the hassle of working within a big enterprise – especially if you have to manage the relationship and project yourself. Worksome’s goal is to lighten that load by giving enterprise clients a consistent platform they can use to manage and work with all freelancers.According to TechCrunch, the platform is intended for medium to large companies working with more than 20 freelancers at a time.

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A freelancer bank

Lili, a new challenger bank built for freelancers, has raised $55M. The promise of Lili is that you get one account to manage your business and personal financial accounts. Hello, no more double account management!The company also offers a variety of tools – like a debit card attached to your account – that make life a little easier for the average freelancer left out of the traditional banking system.

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