Your freelance sales questions, answered

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I was recently a guest on #FreelanceChat, and we spoke about everything sales. Here are some of the highlights

Why you need sales skills

Should freelancers learn sales? ABSOLUTELY.

It’s the other half of your business success (the first half is your craft).

What’s sales REALLY about?

In all honesty – 3 things. Master these three things, and you will succeed.

Of course, there are a lot of things that go on under the hood of these items. It’s not a one-shot success, but it’s only three things in the end.

Process is sexy

If you’re trying to sell more, you need to remember one word: repeatability. You make sales (and get better at selling) by having a consistent process you use every time.

In Freelance Sales Blueprint, I teach the Wave

When should you turn down work?

Turning down work is a uniquely personal thing, but here are a few scenarios I’ve found it’s always a smart idea to say no.

Or, as they say: “‘No’ is a full sentence.”

How can you turn someone down without harming your reputation?

When you say no to someone, you risk them bad mouthing you to other people. Especially if you say no to something you’re usually very good at (or eager to do). Here’s how to solve that problem.

Sales for introverts

I have some extrovert qualities, but generally find that I’m introverted. Someone asked me about sales for introverts during the chat, and it turned into a lovely thread with multiple ideas and concepts on how to handle sales if you’re not interested in talking to people all day long.

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