How to craft product launch announcements like you’re Richard Branson

A press release announcing core details of the product launch

A press release is the first must-have of any product launch
A press release is the first must-have of any product launch

The goal of a press release is to list out the main facts or exciting details of the announcement. The second goal is to offer some narrative or story-direction examples so that journalists, if they opt to cover you, can pull relevant facts to put their article together.

The core elements of a press release are:

  • Headline with the thing you are announcing (acquisition, new product launch, expansion, etc.)
  • A subtitle that hints at the importance of the announcement and offers your “one thing” that differentiates you (for example, first expansion of the company, or largest acquisition in your industry to date, etc.)
  • A core paragraph that explains what you do in plain language and includes your “one sentence” (the one sentence that people can use to simply describe your company – for example, Apple’s might be “A global technology company offering sleek design and easy-to-use products”)
  • Quotes from senior relevant parties expressing excitement and tying the announcement back to company vision or values (for example, both CEOs in an acquisition announcement, or the CEO + project leader for a new product announcement)

As you go about writing your press release, pay attention to your product positioning and target audience.

Typically, marketers write press releases for journalists – check out this press release template for more information. However, use language that frequently used by your target customer, as journalists will often pull information and words directly from press releases. As well, the press release will be publicly available, so you want it to be consistent for your brand and product positioning.

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