How one entrepreneur aced prioritization and found intrapreneurs to help her along the way (and how you can, too)

Nicole Verkindt is on her second business, but she still learns as she goes when it comes to prioritization. From manufacturing in the Dominican Republic with her first business to helping government and business align their procurement strategies with her current business, Offset Market Exchange (OMX), she’s faced losing customers, having the government threaten to build a competitor to push her out of business, and more.

Verkindt has prioritization almost down to a science, though. It’s been the secret weapon that powered her business growth with OMX; business growth that wouldn’t have come without the help of some amazing intrapreneurs.

Speaking to PulseBlueprint, the two-time founder shared how she prioritizes her work, sources intrapreneurs to help her on the journey, and how to work with intrapreneurs to give them freedom to perform.

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