How TouchBistro built an environment where everyone can do what’s best for the business

A clear vision becomes a decision framework

“Our underlying philosophy is to see restaurants succeed,” said Florinis. “When we look at embarking on new initiatives and how we explain value to our customers, it’s predominantly around the business side; their revenues and growth.”

TouchBistro’s goal is to reinvent the restaurant experience, per their careers page, and does so via their iPad POS system. For anyone who’s worked in restaurants – or even just eaten at one – ordering digitally streamlines the entire experience.

EVO payments launch event

Growth stems from this corporate vision that is endorsed and supported by TouchBistro CEO Alex Barrotti. The EVO partnership, for example, came from thinking about how to help restaurant owners. TouchBistro knewa payments collaboration would benefit restaurant owners in Mexico, as it has in other countries. Florinis researched potential payment partners in Mexico and recommended EVO Payments. Once EVO was approved, Florinis “mobilized” his team to make the vision a reality.

It was that simple: the initiative made things better for restaurant owners and thus it became a priority.

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